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Corusca Dynamics (Midnight Corporation Droids)

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 Due to the demand for new production facilities following an unfortunate droid revolt on Mechis III, the Midnight Corporation has acquired the manufacturing rights for many major droid design firms. Corusca Dynamics was created as Midnight's droid construction subsidiary to fulfill these contracts, as well as produce several original designs listed below.

H4-R0 - Hover Sphere Astromech Droid: This advanced Astromech has a compact, efficient design, replicating all the functionality of a typical astromech droid in a smaller, airborne variant. To save space, many of its tool arms multi-functional. It can also maneuver by rolling, magnetic tethering, or walking via small collapsible legs.

K0-NG - Heavy Duty Repulsor Droid: Built for Construction, This is a large droid with short legs and massive arms. It is designed for heavy construction, able to perform a variety of fabrication and assembly tasks. It's body uses a distributed repulsor system that both actuates its joints and applies fields to reduce or negate the weight of carried objects

P0-N1 - All Terrain Cargo Droid: A large sized quadrupedal droid designed for hauling over rough terrain. The front end has a head with a manipulator claw on it, allowing it to use some tools. Large equipment or an additional manipulator arms can be mounted on top of it. Moves remarkably fast unencumbered, and can be fitted with a seat to function as a vehicle.


HED-1 - Holographic Emulator Droid - Built for Theatrical, Educational, and public service tasks, this droid is equipped with a holographic outer casing which can project a variety of different facades over its surface. Its joints have high torque, speed, and articulation while its limbs can extend or retract to different lengths, allowing it faithfully recreate both bipedal and quadrupedal creatures of varied sizes. An advanced social emulator system allows it to replicate the behavior and mannerisms of many different kinds of aliens. It is also capable of wearing clothing and utilizing hand tools, making it a very versatile droid.

Sentient Replica Droid - These androids are mostly organic, with only some part of their brains being positronic circuits while the rest of them is grown in a laboratory. They are very rare and very expensive to produce, requiring months of assembly by medical nanomachines to reach maturity, plus additional training to integrate biological systems with cybernetics. Generally they are indistinguishable from the species they are a copy of. Only advanced medical scans can discern them from the real thing, though enhanced physical attributes and common personality quirks can out them as being abnormal. Some of them have weapons or other special equipment built into their bodies.


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