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Kane Wartide

Midnight City (Coruscant)

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Midnight City is a skyhook, a floating island in the sky high above Coruscant. It is named "Midnight" for its location--the city orbits Coruscant daily, carefully timed to always be hovering over the a part of Coruscant that is currently at midnight, directly opposite the sun. It remains in perpetual darkness, never permitting the suns rays to shine on it directly. Midnight was founded to act as central base for the Coruscant Restoration Project, which works to gradually rehabilitate the world following its near total destruction.

Midnight consists of Five separate repulsor platforms, each designed to hover independently. The repulsor systems on a given platform are distributed across several different hubs, such that in the event that one or several of the the repulsors fail, the platform can remain aloft. Additionally, the other platforms have a series of tractor beams that can be used to keep the city in the air in the event of a failure of up to two entire platforms. The city is also capable of ascending to orbit in an emergency. A few sections have an atmospheric shield that can keep it habitable in a vacuum, but not all, and so all the building on the surface are required to be spaceworthy and have an entrance to an interior street so that it may still be navigated in during an event that requires it to be in space.

The central platform is where the majority of commerce is. Here there are many shops, bars, restaurants and offices, to act as home to many different business as well as provide entertainment for those who live there. Points of interest include Midnight Spire, the tallest building on the platform. Midnight spire is located in the city's exact center, and serves as the main headquarters for the business that built it. The Last Call is located very near to the spire.

 The rest of the platforms are industrial, with a few lesser public attractions for each sector. The northern sector is broken into several smaller platforms, to facilitate it acting as a shipyard and docking hub for craft too large to fly within the city limits. It also hosts Rane Scando Memorial Hospital, a highly advanced medical facility with a state of the art cybernetic rehabilitation center.

The eastern sector contains several weapons manufacturing plants and is the most heavily restricted. However the public can still visit one of many sporting complexes, which include swoop and pod racing tracks, an Umgullian Blobstacle course, and a huttball arena, among others.

The Southern end of Midnight contains the city forge-works, which is used to manufacture raw materials as well as recycle materials reclaimed from Coruscant. Its upper surface is largely dedicated to a massive Arboretum, which exists both as a place that the public can visit and as a living repository of flora and fauna native to Coruscant and world beyond. Because Coruscant has been an urban world for time immemorial, these are mostly used to seed other parks throughout the planet. It also occasionally exports plants and wildlife  to other planetary restoration efforts. The Arboretum is in an enclosed transparasteel dome, the roof of which contains lights that simulate the sun for the plants inside.

Finally, to the west are droid manufacturing plants. It contains a large lake, which can be visited, sailed on, swam in, and even contains a small amount of housing for aquatic species. The lake exists as part of a massive liquid cooling system for a  supercomputer. This super computer consists of 100,000 protocol droids which have had their legs removed and fixed to a permanent cubicle, then networked together to form a RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Droids.) This RAID Super Computer is used to manage the massive task of organizing Coruscant's Restoration, as well as serve as a publicly accessible information database, and an on demand translation service.  

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