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Midnight City (Coruscant)

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Midnight City is a skyhook, a floating island in the sky high above Coruscant. It is named "Midnight" for its location--the city orbits Coruscant daily, carefully timed to always be hovering over the a part of Coruscant that is currently at midnight, directly opposite the sun. It remains in perpetual darkness, never permitting the suns rays to shine on it directly. Midnight was founded to act as central base for the Coruscant Restoration Project, which works to gradually rehabilitate the world following its near total destruction.

Midnight consists of Five separate repulsor platforms, each designed to hover independently. The repulsor systems on a given platform are distributed across several different hubs, such that in the event that one or several of the the repulsors fail, the platform can remain aloft. Additionally, the other platforms have a series of tractor beams that can be used to keep the city in the air in the event of a failure of up to two entire platforms. The city is also capable of ascending to orbit in an emergency. A few sections have an atmospheric shield that can keep it habitable in a vacuum, but not all, and so all the building on the surface are required to be spaceworthy and have an entrance to an interior street so that it may still be navigated during an event that requires it to be in space.

The central platform is where the majority of commerce is. Here there are many shops, bars, restaurants and offices, to act as home to many different business as well as provide entertainment for those who live there. Points of interest include Midnight Spire, the tallest building on the platform. Midnight spire is located in the city's exact center, and serves as the main headquarters for the business that built it. The Last Call, BIG SHOT bounty hunting office, and the Galactic Gunshop are located very near to the spire.

 The rest of the platforms are industrial, with a few lesser public attractions for each sector. The northern sector is broken into several smaller platforms, to facilitate it acting as a shipyard and docking hub for craft too large to fly within the city limits. It also hosts Rane Scando Memorial Hospital, a highly advanced medical facility with a state of the art cybernetic rehabilitation center.

The eastern sector contains several weapons manufacturing plants and is the most heavily restricted. However the public can still visit one of many sporting complexes, which include swoop and pod racing tracks, an Umgullian Blobstacle course, and a huttball arena, among others.

The Southern end of Midnight contains the city forge-works, which is used to manufacture raw materials as well as recycle materials reclaimed from Coruscant. Its upper surface is largely dedicated to a massive Arboretum, a large verdurous park open to the public.

Finally, to the west are droid manufacturing plants. It contains a large lake, which can be visited, sailed on, swam in, and even contains a small amount of housing for aquatic species. The lake exists as part of a massive liquid cooling system for a  supercomputer, known as the Magi system.


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Below are in-depth descriptions of various major points of interest within the City.

Midnight Corporation Spire - The Midnight Corporation Spire is a massive skyscraper, viewable from most any point in the city. At its lowest levels are storefronts for the various enterprises Midnight is invested in, with numerous droids, weapons, and vehicles available for inspection, with various sales associates available to negotiate orders. They do not take orders for individual custom weapons or vehicles, as those are better requested by visiting an arms dealer (Like the Galactic Gunshop, down the street) or the shipyard directly. Just above the public access storefronts is the base for Midnight's private security force, which acts as the dividing line between the public and private sections of the tower.

The mid levels are used mostly by employees running the logistics of the corporation--accountants, managers, and the like, coordinating their teams for various purposes. Because Midnight corporation is run technocratically, those in charge of coordinating other people are not necessarily viewed as the upper echelon of the company. Instead, engineers and researchers, people with expertise, are considered the authority figures, and are given laboratories closer to the top of the tower so that they are closer to Kane.

Near the top are penthouses reserved for those senior staff members, with the peak of the building being reserved for CEO Kane Wartide, his office, and his penthouse.

BIG SHOT Bounty Office - The Bounty office is a flashy building topped with massive holonet broadcast tower. The sides of the building have holoscreens with various bounty info displayed and occasionally live broadcasts of the "BIG SHOT" show. The interior of the bounty office is relatively small, consisting of public information desk where bounty hunters can go to get bounties in person, and a holonet studio where the broadcast is recorded. The whole interior is decorated with a tacky, rustic "frontier" theme, meant hearken to the outer rim where the law of the land is not so absolute.

The Galactic Gunshop - The Galactic Gunshop is a small arms store run by a Mandalorian known only as "The Forgemaster." The outside of the building is unassuming, just a simple sign above a heavy duranium door. The inside of the building is an absolute powderkeg, with walls and shelves covered in virtually every type of weapon or armor imaginable. The Forgemaster is an expert craftsman, capable of making modifications on existing weapons and armor or building them entirely from scratch.

 Those who can convince The Forgemaster of their adherence to Mandalorian traditions can gain access to her private stock, genuine Mandalorian armor. It is even rumored that she has the expertise to build and maintain Basilisk War Droids, though she would not do so for Non Mandalorians. She is not particular to any particular sect of Mandalorian Culture, and will happily offer her private stock to anyone who follows the Mandalorian Way.



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Midnight Forgeworks - The Forgeworks is where all the materials used by the varied production facilities of Midnight are created. Wreckage and raw ores are melted down to create new metals, while gas and oils are processed into synthetic materials. The majority of facilities are focused on making Durasteel, Duracrete, Transparasteel, Plasteel, and other common construction materials. The remaining facilities are dedicated to refining exotic metals, imported all corners of the galaxy.

The forgeworks are Operated by the Magi System.


Midnight Arboretum - The Arboretum is a massive garden on the southern end of midnight. It is encased in a huge transparasteel dome, which is lined with lights that simulate the cycle of the sun for the plants living within. It  exists both as a place that the public can visit and as a living repository of flora and fauna native to Coruscant and worlds beyond. Because Coruscant has been an urban world for time immemorial, most of the plants and animals are imported from other worlds to replace the extinct wildlife.

The Arboretum produces food for Midnight City, but it exists primarily to create the plant and animal populations needed for the Coruscant Restoration Project's agricultural sustainability goals.  It products also seed parks around the planet, as well as to occasionally export to other planetary restoration efforts.

The Midnight Arboretum is operated by the Zelosian Arodisa Tahnam.


Rane Scando Memorial Hospital - Midnight City's Hospital is dedicated to an infamous bounty hunter, in honor of all the business he had provided hospitals with. This state of the art facility has lavish decoration, intended to be warm and relaxing during patient convalescence. The hospital is on the northern platform, at the closest point to Midnight central, where it is easily access via the main transit routes. The building itself resembles a castle, with multiple branching levels designed to ensure every patient care section has large windows with a view of the city outside.

The Hospital is home to many high tech and experimental treatment options. Nanotechnology is employed for a variety of applications, from tissue reconstruction to pathogen extermination, to targeted gene manipulation. Cybernetic limbs and organs are created here, for those who need or want them. Simple bodily restoration is common, but designer bodies for transhumanists are often created for those who aspire to them.


The Hospital is overseen by a Mon Calamari called Doctor Xorn, but the care is delivered almost exclusively by medical droids.


Coruscant Stardrive Corporations Shipyards - The majority of the Northern Platform consists of shipyards operated by the Coruscant Stardrive Corporation, a subsidiary of midnight. The driveyards are held together as one platform, but consist of many layers extending above and below the city. Many subplatforms are loosely tethered to the whole, giving the impression that the northern section is in several pieces and drifting apart. Here a variety of vehicles are constructed, mostly ships but also orbital craft like speeders and tanks.

The surface includes a series of manufacturing plants to create components, but larger structural pieces are cast to order in the forgeworks. Weapon systems are also created off site in the Wartide Arms factories. There is no central office within the shipyards, and orders are instead placed from within the Midnight City Spire.

 In High orbit above the city are larger platforms that oversee the construction of military capital ships. Connected only by large freight elevators, these high orbital facilities are nearly entirely separate from the city. This is a necessity due to the incredible size of capital ships. The orbital dockyards are of variable configuration, able to adjust their size to suit the needs of a wide variety of capital ships.

The Shipyards are overseen by the Omwati known as Ailiza Xux, and manned by a mixture of droids and off planet contractors.


The Magi System - Hidden under a large lake in the western platform of midnight dwells a gigantic supercomputer.  This super computer consists of 100,000 protocol droids which have had their legs removed and fixed to a permanent cubicle, then networked together to form a RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Droids.) This RAID Super Computer is used to manage the massive task of organizing Coruscant's Restoration along with many of Midnight City's complex operations. To the public, it functions as information database, a meant to communicate orders to the Midnight Corporation, and an on demand translation service.  

The droid cubicles are stacked in layers, with streams of water flowing over heat pipes linked to the many droids. The innumerable droids are linked together, their knowledge spread across the memory banks of every droid in the raid in pieces, with its data only partially redundant.  It could lose up to 80% of the connected droids before data would become unrecoverable. Each droid's processing power is used by the RAID through an elaborate parallel processing system. In this way, they all collectively form one massive computer.

When interfacing with organic minds, the individual droids of the Magi System communicate through cubicle mounted holoprojectors. To allow it to handle queries from more people than there are droids in the array, the droid speak and move at an accelerated rate then have their messages slowed as they are played back.

The Magi System is developed and maintained by the Skakoan Fodrun Groon, with a great deal of help from the Givin Scientist Turnay.


Sporting Arenas and Race Tracks - The sporting Arenas of the eastern quarter offer diversion and gambling to the citizens.

The swoop and pod tracks extend beyond the limits of the eastern quarter and weave through the rest of the city. There are several different tracks, representing varied degrees of difficulty for a range different pilots. To prevent damage to the city, racers are required to fit their machines with powerful particle shields, the depletion of which disqualifies them from their race.

Umgullian Blob Racing is an odd sport created by Ugnaughts. Umgullian Blobs are gelatinous organisms, not useful for for anything but carefully raised to maximize their speed. The racing track, called the "Blobstacle Course", consists of various hazards and special obstacles that the blobs are required to traverse. Common hazards include small openings, mesh screens, fire, narrow platforms, inclines and moving terrain. These are changed between races to keep things interesting.

Huttball is a bloodsport in which opposing teams are tasked with moving a ball to their opponent's side of the arena. The ball can be passed, and the team to get a player in the end zone wins a point. Complicating this is the fact that teams are expected to come armed, and are allowed to murder eachother. The arena consists of intertwining elevated platforms, and is filled with different kinds of deadly hazards like fire and acid pits. There are nonlethal versions of the game, but they are generally used for practice and not for competitive play.

Weapon and Droid Manufacturing Plants - The weapon and droid factories, Wartide Arms and Corusca Dynamics, occupy the Eastern and Western plates respectively. Though under separate management structures, the factories themselves are extremely similar. They consist of massive assembly lines, operated by a variety of fixed and ambulatory droids. Both factories have lines that create unique items to their corporation, as well as designs created by other companies or contracted by certain customers. They are hot, fast moving and hazardous on the inside, nearly unlivable working conditions that are frequented only be a few specialists in protective gear.

The Skakoan Fodrun Groon is in charge of the droid development, while weapon design is largely guided by the Magi System. The products are sold directly from the Midnight City Spire, but a majority of that which wasn't contracted to a buyer in advance is sold to various retail outlets throughout the galaxy.

The Last Call - This bar has been operating for over 20 years, and is something of an institution. It exemplifies the indestructible spirit of Coruscant, having been completely obliterated countless times. In the wake of the Hespiridium incident, when the planet was hit by a moon and nearly decimated, the bar closed for what seemed to be the final time, only to make a comeback by fiat of Kane Wartide, the Bar's new owner.

The lights above the outside of the bar proclaimed its name in 5 foot tall letters in a western-style font. Next to it are lights shaped like a martini glass, made to look like it is emptying and refilling. This sign is the only original piece of the last call, having miraculously been recovered by droids. Next to it is a small addition that Kane had added: a small pink cone with a face, an obscure deity known as "Splendid Ap," the Bar's new mascot.

Inside the bar is the main counter and miscellaneous tables scattered throughout. A few booths are in the back, made to be private. They are all kept very clean, impeccably so. Booths are outfitted with specialized privacy screens that prevent observation or listening in by even high tech spy devices. It is Dimly Lit with overhead lights and some Neon Signs, another Splendid Ap appearing behind the counter, along with hundreds of bottles of varied alcoholic beverages, backlit by illuminated shelves. 

Above the bar rests a small apartment with two separate bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen/living room. It is an artifact of the bar's previous layout, the home of the Bar's former owner, now empty, but constructed anyway in hope that she may one day return.

In a level below the main bar is a VIP room, where valued guests who refuse to mingle with the common people of Coruscant  can go. It can be accessed by a secret back door, or by passing through a security door on the interior. Inside there is a stage intended for live entertainment, but when not in use it is occupied by holographic bands playing music selected by a nearby Jukebox.

The bar is guarded by a rather fearsome looking droid called "The Defenestrator" who will live up to his name if anyone causes trouble. Additionally, it is outfitted with a powerful weapon damping field which renders most arms inoperative. There are turreted tractor beams and a hair trigger firefoam projector that may also be employed to subdue unruly guests. A terrarium containing Ysalimir is set in the wall, where the happy little slugs crawl around, doing their duty to curb force use within the bar.

A woman about 20 or so sits behind the counter, a pair of flight goggles atop her violet-streaked brown hair. Her name is Kasumi, but is in truth she is a Holographic Emulator Droid, designed to take the appearance and mimic some of the personality of the Bar's original owner. She sits, reading a small holo-magazine until her customers come.


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