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Kane Wartide's Character Sheet

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Real Name: Kane Wartide

A.K.A: The Pirate Prince

Homeworld: Spacenoid (Born in Space)

Species: Human (Dathomiri lineage)


Physical Description

Age: 24

Height: 5' 11''

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair: Blonde, Short

Eyes: Gold

Sex: Male



Clothing: Kane typically wears a a black suit and gloves, calf high boots, a red tie and orange glasses, Underneath his suit coat he wears two gunbelts, one at his waist and one over his chest.

Armor: When in potentially  dangerous situations Kane will wear a Wartide Tactical Body Glove


Axiom & Paradox: Kane's dueling pistols, created from designs he drafted. They gauss slugthrowers which fire bullets using magnetic acceleration. They are carefully designed and weighted to emulate the feel of his father's guns, with which he had learned to shoot, so that he would be able to use the accumulated muscle memory. Axiom is finished in Phrik, taking a shiny silver color, while Paradox is coated in Cortosis Alloy, making it a matte black. They are both hand engraved with Psionic runes.

The Barrels, cylinders, and magnetic coils of these weapons are constructed using liquid nano-metal, making them extremely precise. When recharging, the liquid nano metal will restore its original shape if deformed, making them virtually immune to wear and tear. They can be configured for single, burst, or fully automatic fire. They each contain a gyroscopic stabilizer, which makes them nearly recoilless.

The Ammo feed  is a combination revolver and magazine. The Magazine seats below the barre and containts 14 bullets. The Magazine feeds a 7 chamber cylinder from the front. The bullets are maneuvered and held in the cylinder magnetically until fired. The Cylinder has exposed chambers that peek from the interior sides of the gun, intended for hand feeding special munitions into the gun without having to eject the cylinder.


The Holsters for these guns have an autoloader, which uses the hand feeding port to backfill the magazine and fully reload the weapon. Kane carries a few magazines with different ammo types, but generally relies on the autoloader.


His standard ammunition is tuned for range but he also has dense armor piercing bullets, flechette cartridges which use a rangefinder to deploy the flechette payload within a few meters of impact, micro explosive bullets, ion payload rounds, plus two different kinds of tracking rounds. One tracker simply embeds a signal emitting device in the target, the other is filled with mildly radioactive material which can be followed with sensors.

Enigma:  Kane's sword is a Schiavona, which is a double edged broadsword with a guard that covers the hand. The blade is made from an absolute fortune of Corusca Gems meticulously cut into dovetails and formed into a solid crystal blade, which is extraordinarily sharp and etched with psionic runes. The blade makes use of a vibration cell. A magnetic containment field similar to that of a lightsaber creates a field that makes the blade able to parry a lightsaber, and in much the same way that the field would contain the heat of a lightsaber, it traps the heat the blade generates while vibrating, making it nearly as deadly as a lightsaber.


The hand guard and hilt made of phrik and designed to be ambidextrous, so that Kane can comfortably wield it with either hand. Its scabbard has a thin battery cell run along its length built in, such that the weapon can recharge when sheathed. Secretly, by unlocking an internal mechanism with the force, the blade can be detached in the scabbard or launched from the hilt. The hilt, without the Corusca Blade, is in actuality an orange lightsaber.

Assorted Explosives: Kane also carries a variety of explosives, including plasma, ion, and cryoban bombs. They all use safe proximity sensors and variable detonation triggers designed by Wartide Arms.


Common Equipment: Kane carries a phrik dataspike, a datacomm, Strapped to the gunbelt on his chest is a stealth field generator, and one part of an advanced repulsor parachute device, the remainder of which is built into his boots. It functions much the same as the standard version but capable of further reducing fall speed to a crawl due to its increased power. It includes a secondary system which when activated will create a short burst thrust him in a direction parallel to his ankles, allowing him to him to jump higher, farther, or even  while mid air.

Kane's Glasses: Kane's glasses appear to be simple orange tinted lenses, rimmed in dark gray metal with side shields that can rest against the edges of his eye socket if worn normally. Usually he will have them resting a little low on his nose, often peeking out over top of them. The lenses function as both interface and scanner. They are synthetic crystal with specially built nanomachines permanently embedded with in the structure, forming different kinds of sensors.  The Lenses are not only able to record visual and audio data, but a myriad of other things like additional light spectrums, heat, radiation, magnetic fields and more. They also can also function electrobinoculars.

These readings can be overlayed onto reality with the lenses, viewed by the wearer but no one else from any angle on either side, due to the way it projects the image directly into the eyes. They are also programmed not to work for anyone else's eyes, making it extraordinarily difficult to tell that they are more than what they appear to be. Even sensors have difficulty detecting them due to a combination of how they're made and what they're made of. Specially tuned sensors might pick up that there are nanomachines present, but would not be able detect what they could do, making analysis in a laboratory setting necessary to discern their true nature.

Though generally they run in a stand alone mode to prevent exposing their nature by transmitting signals, the glasses can be connected to Kane's Datacomm and from there linked to the Magi system to get an analysis of what he's looking at.


Faction Information

Force User (Secretly)

Alignment: Neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: Midnight Corporation

Current Faction Rank: CEO and majority shareholder of Midnight Corporation and its many subsidiaries.



Force Side: Psionic Researcher

Trained by: Self Taught

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: Kane in an Inventor, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Slicer and Politician. He is also a Psion, a type of neutral force user.

Background: Kane is the son of business tycoon Zara Nargal and "Pirate King" Ronin Wartide, owing most of his upbringing to the former and much of his infamy to the latter. Kane's invested much of his family's fortune into various business interests, beginning with droids and gradually branching out to assemble a formidable conglomerate.


Kane became significant in the galactic stage when he began his most ambitious venture. He set about building a plan to reconstruct the planet Coruscant after a disaster had left it nearly uninhabitable, its cities crumbled and its atmosphere ruined. In creating a workforce capable of the task, he has rebuilt and embedded himself into the seat of galactic power, and he has gained far reaching renoun and influence for what is either a humanitarian act of world restoration, or a devious act of Sith Collaboration, (as it was they who funded the operation) depending on who you ask. 


Ship Registration


Name: The Grave Breaker II


Class: Gunboat/Luxury Freighter


Model: CC-GB 2


Manufacturer: Coruscant Stardrive Corporation


Designer: Kane Wartide, Ailiza Xux, & Kheldar vos Correlli


Length: 50 meters


Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Navigator, 2 Gunners. 4 H4-R0 Droids, which can substitute for live crew. Pilot is capable of assuming control of gun turrets.


Armaments: 2 Rotary Quad Laser Cannons 2 Ion cannons, 3 sets of homing missile launchers, 1 tractor beam projector. 1 Aft mounted bomb/mine dispenser. A mechanical arm for grasping/grabbing ships and cargo, the fingers of which are electroweapons, capable of slicing through ship hulls. It has 10 Electromag harpoons which EMP burst attacks, positioned all around the hull so that 3 can be fired from most angles, with a single harpoon attached to the arm. Electromag harpoons are Special harpoons fixed with electromagnetic latching. The ends also have the ability to unleash EMP bursts to disable the ships after they are latched on and at the same time, remain fixed to their target.


Armor: Reinforced shields with extra protection from conventional weapons and minimal shielding against Ion/EMP attacks.


Anti-Personnel Defenses: Reinforced durasteel doors. Bioscans at the main entry/cargo points, and automated laser traps. Its cockpit is behind a hidden door, while a false cockpit misdirects potential intruders about the location of the pilot.


Technical details: The ship is reconstructed using the wreckage of the original Grave Breaker, which was designed by King Kheldar Vos Corelli himself. The main thrust in the rear of the ship is complemented by a second set of vectoring ion engines roughly 18 meters from the front. These vectoring thrusters allow it to apply acceleration in different directions, significantly improving maneuverability. Further augmenting its maneuvering is an Aetheric Rudder intended for larger class of vehicle. The engines are top of the line, the design copied from Corellia Engineering Corporation and tuned by Corusca Stardrive Corporation. They offer some of the fastest known sublight speeds and reliability. The ship is equipped with the HIMS anti gravwell system. The ship is incredibly fast and maneuverable, able to carry a fair amount of cargo.


Appearance:The Grave Breaker is painted with CSC electric paint, which allows it to change its colors. Usually, it's dark red with black accents. IT is a very sleek and efficient design. The mechanical arm folds out from under the ship to allow a more streamlined appearance.


Crew Accommodations: In addition to containing a somewhat lavish captain's quarters, it has bunks to accommodate three crew members comfortably and up to nine in close quarters. There's a small armory, containing a variety of weapons, ammunition and extra equipment. It has a small med bay with wall inset beds that can be converted to bacta tanks in emergencies-- complete with a medical droid. Within a rear garage area intended for speeders and other small vehicles is a state-of-the-art workbench, with a variety of expensive tools and sensors. There is also a living quarters with a few diversions and a high quality food synthesizer.


Modified Cockpit: The actual cockpit is located in the center of the ship, fed in by a series of holodisplays which capture info from outside the ship. The entire cockpit interior is holoscreen, giving the impression that the pilot is sitting in a chair in space and allowing him to see in all directions. The false cockpit is on the rear top of the ship, housing  and a set of homing missile launchers which launch from behind the decoy cockpit's window. In a worst case scenario, the real cockpit, a small reinforced sphere about 3 meters in diameter, is capable of doubling as an escape pod.


Edited by Kakuto Ryu
Added Equipment, Force Information, Ship, Links


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