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Saarai-Kaar (without armor)



Saarai-Kaar (with armor)



Real Name: Shin (former name, abandoned upon joining the Jensaarai)

A.K.A: Saarai-Kaar, formerly The Sarlaac

Homeworld: Sriluur

Species: Weequay


Age: 73

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 170 lbs.

Hair: White

Eyes: Gray

Sex: Male


Clothing/Armor: Personal Jensaarai Armor

Weapons: The Dyddiau Gwael: Twin cortosis-weave blades. Machlud: Dual-bladed yellow lightsaber. Cortosis-weave chain and sickle


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User:  Force User

Alignment: Lawful Good

Faction Affiliation: Rebels via the Jensaarai

Rank: NPC Saarai-Kaar, Master of the Jensaarai


Force Side: Light

Trained By: Defender Shaava

Trained Who: Numerous Jensaarai

Known Skills:

Mireinio Ysbrydol: Jensaarai practice of spiritual refinement (Master)

Ymladd Heb Arfau: Jensaarai art of unarmed combat (Master) 

Cleddyfymladd: Jensaarai art of swordsmanship/lightsaber combat (Master)

Arosymladd: Jensaarai art of wielding staves (Expert)

Tafluymladd: Jensaarai art of throwing blades/lightsabers (Master)

Gwaywffon-Ymladd: Jensaarai art of wielding spears (Expert)

Penhwyadymladd: Jensaarai art of wielding the lightsaber pike (Expert)

Crymancadwynymladd: Jensaarai art of wielding the chain and sickle (Expert)

Tancelf: Jensaarai practice of using firearms/blasters (Expert)

Cuddiocelf: Jensaarai art of disguise (Expert)

Dull-Llechwraidd: Jensaarai art of stealth (Master)

Hyfforddiant Elfenol: Jensaarai training in use of the natural environment and elements (Expert)

Strategaeth: Jensaarai training in strategy (Master)

Ysbio: Jensaarai art of espionage (Expert)

Dianc-Cuddio: Jensaarai art of escape (Master)

Force Powers: 

Force Telekinesis (Expert)

Ballistakinesis (Master)

Speed (Master)

Force Body (Expert)

Force Heal (Expert)

Shatterpoint (Master)

Force Jump (Expert)




Shin was born on Sriluur to a family of itinerant workers. Until the age of eight, he traveled with his family across the planet as they did whatever job they could to earn the credits to eat. His father, however, wanted a better life for his son, and eventually asked his estranged brother to take Shin in and give him a proper education. Shin’s uncle was an enforcer for one of the local Hutt cartels, but he took his nephew in as family and kept him safe and fed. He also caught Shin up on his belated education, teaching him to read, write, and other basic skills. As Shin grew older, his uncle started teaching him how to fight. Shin’s keen mind and ruthless attitude allowed him to excel at combat, and it soon became the sole focus of his attention. He studied strategy and tactics whenever he could, and practiced with different weapons constantly. In only a few years time, he had bested his uncle in combat. Then, when he was 14, he had his first duel.

    Juk was a gamorrean underboss for a local hutt and Shin’s uncle’s superior. Excessively proud of his strength and bulk, he menaced the locals and mercilessly beat anyone he saw as a threat to death with a scavenged piece of starship hull durasteel. One night after hours of drinking, Juk wandered the streets shouting, challenging anyone to fight him one-on-one. He laughed at everyone who scurried out of his way, until Shin crossed his path. Seeing the young weequay’s iron staff, he bellowed at Shin to fight him. Shin, calm, accepted, but said he would not fight the gamorrean while he was drunk. He challenged him to a formal duel on a plateau outside of the city, one hour before sunrise. Confused but too proud to back down, Juk laughed and agreed.

    Juk and his closest cronies, including Shin’s uncle who was horrified when he found out about the duel, arrived at the plateau in a skiff at the appointed time. Shin, however, was nowhere to be seen. As time passed, Juk first grew angry, and then jovial, laughing that the little boy had run for his life, and finally irritated as he realized he hadn’t had breakfast and was getting hungry. Then, just as the sun rose, Shin pulled himself up over the rocks. Juk roared at the young weequay, demanding to know why he was late. As Shin took position at one end of the plateau with the sun at his back, he casually commented that he hadn’t thought the fat pig would be able to get out of bed before sunrise. Hungry, irritated, and now insulted, Juk squealed in fury and charged Shin. With the sun at Shin’s back though, he was half-blind, and so he didn’t see Shin’s strike until it was too late. With a crack of his staff, Shin broke the gamorrean’s ankle, and then with two more strikes he caved his head in. Finally, he tipped his opponent’s corpse over the side of the plateau, using the staff for leverage. Juk’s lieutenants were shocked for only a few moments, but it was enough as Shin pulled out a blaster, shot the skiff’s engine, and jumped over the side of the plateau to the speeder bike he’d hidden there hours before. He shot off into the desert, the rising sun blinding the hutt thugs as they futilely tried to shoot him down.

    After that, Shin started his career as a duelist and a gladiator. First on Sriluur, and then across the Outer Rim, Shin took down opponent after opponent using skill, strategy, and underhanded tactics. He’d often show up to duels late and smelling of alcohol, only to reveal he was completely sober and easily defeat his irritated and off-guard enemy. In one infamous duel, he’d broken a sewage line near the site of the duel the night before and wore thick boots to the fight while his opponent stumbled through the muck. His skill grew with him, and those who saw him fight commented that he could easily win most fights even without his tricks and unfair advantages. When Shin wasn’t earning his credits by fighting duels, he hired himself out as an enforcer and a hitman, usually for the hutts.

    On one such job on a small refueling station in the Outer Rim, Shin encountered an old iktotchi in cortosis weave armor. Ignoring her, he attacked his target only to find his blow deflected by the iktotchi’s gauntlet. The two fought, and for the first time Shin found himself hard-pressed. Despite his prodigious talent and dirty tactics, the elderly woman easily beat him back, never drawing a weapon and only relying on her gauntlets and preternatural skill. After ten minutes of fighting, the iktotchi landed a solid blow on Shin and knocked him to the ground. Having suffered his first loss since defeating Juk, Shin was stunned, but intrigued. An old excitement flared to life in his chest, and he asked the iktotchi to teach him her arts. The iktotchi named herself Defender Shaava, and told Shin that he would have to earn her teachings. Shin agreed, and so became Jensaarai.

    The first few years of his training saw him practice no combat at all, but instead forced him to meditate on the meaning of honor and his own actions. More years were spent learning the mundane skills and combat techniques required of a Jensaarai, and finally a decade was spent learning how to wield the Force, a capability Shaava had foreseen but deliberately kept from him.

    When Shin finally passed the Rite of Ascension, discarded his old name, and became The Sarlaac, he was 47 and well past his prime. Now an honorable Jensaarai, but still a ruthless strategist and a deceptive fighter, he earned respect from his formerly dismissive comrades. He was well-known for spending hours in the presence of the starweird whenever he could obtain permission to do so, yearning to test himself mentally against the opponent even Defender Shaava had been unable to defeat.

    Eventually, the Force took Defender Shaava back into its fold, but before it did the old warrior called her students before her and told them it was time to choose the Saarai-Kaar. She claimed she had never been worthy enough to take the title, that a mistake years ago had forever lost her the chance for that honor. Instead, the students would decide among themselves who the new Saarai-Kaar would be. The arguments and duels lasted well into the night, but The Sarlaac did not choose to press his case. Instead, he and a few other students spent their time with their old friend Shaava. What she told them at that time is unknown, but when morning came and The Sarlaac and the other students emerged with Shaava’s wrapped body, The Sarlaac’s demeanor had changed. He declared himself Saarai-Kaar, as only the students who had remained with Shaava truly knew the “truth”, and only he among them was willing to be the “Keeper of Truth”. Veterans and ambitious prodigies alike challenged him, but he defeated each of them in turn with a confidence and ease they had never seen before. Eventually, each Jensaarai admitted his worth and accepted him as their master. He gave up his hard-won title of The Sarlaac and became the Saarai-Kaar.

    Since then, the Saarai-Kaar has watched over the Jensaarai, his cunning and wisdom keeping them safe and foiling their enemies. He often can still be found in The Entrapment, watching over the starweird and meditating on truths others can only guess at. He rarely fights in earnest, but on the few occasions he’s been forced to, his enemies and students alike see why the Saarai-Kaar is master of the Jensaarai.



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