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Location Request: Proem


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Astrographical Information

Region: Wild Space

System: Magna’dhal System

Orbital Position: 10

Moons: 3

Grid Coordinates: I-16


Physical Information

Class: Terrestrial 

Atmosphere: Type 1, breathable

Primary Terrain: Purple Oceans, Arctic Snow, Fungal Forests, Desert

Points of Interest: Hall of the Archetypes, Kyber Crystal Caves, Peakilos, Exemplar Headquarters


Societal Information

Indigenous Species: None

Local Fauna: Fungal Mynocks, crimson spider-like Cre’emar, ooze-covered Lilili, unknown ocean life, 

Immigrated Species: Droids

Primary Language(s): Binary, Galactic Basic

Faction Affiliation: Neutral


Defense Rating: Level 2


JediRP Canon History: Out in wild space, Proem is a unique place in the galaxy: Originally a colony for Givin explorers in the days of the old republic, it is now a planet run and inhabited by droids. A small oceanic planet with three small continents and one crashed capital ship, droids have successfully made a livelihood here that rivals several planets in the galaxy. While the capital ship called Secu is ruled by a council of droids known as the Archetypes as well as the holistic security force known as The Exemplars, the planet also lets the droids govern themselves on the continents of Unitunos, Coloros, and Wildelen. Whether a droid is fleeing its creators, seeking an independent life, or trying to avoid a bounty, almost any droid is accepted here as an asylum seeker. 


However, the success of the planet heavily relies on the fact that it is so far out of the way of the usual space lanes that it holds no strategic value and that very few organizations know of its existence. Only the most well versed explorers have put Proem on their starcharts, and most talk about Proem are rumors at best.  However, given recent events on the planet and in the galaxy, it may soon attract more notice from the wider galaxy. 


More Information:  Proem  


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