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Droid Melding

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Droid Melding


Droid memory cores are creative and unique devices. Capable of housing all of the programmed actions, memories, and goals like all machines, memory cores are essentially data storage. However, being self-sufficient, droids will develop personalities either to adapt to life around them or because of the weird glitches that plagues all droids, making their memory cores more alive like an organic brain. 


Droid Melding is an ability that reflects that droid memory cores are both static and alive. Capable of managing their own personalities and memories in the form of data, droids can allow their memories to directly interact with another droid’s memory. Some droids learn this ability naturally, while others learn this through teaching by another, experienced droid.  The only requirements to begin learning this ability is that one must be a droid and must have some form of a personality.


All forms of droid melding require physical contact and a direct line of communication between two or more droid memory cores. Usually this takes place in the form of connected Scomp links or direct wiring. 


Droid Melding comes in three forms:


Form 1: Encountering

Encountering is the most varied form of Droid Melding. Ranging from being a simple but mass  transfer of information between two droids to being a near merging of personalities, this form of Droid Melding is often discovered naturally. The experience is often a pleasurable one between two independent droids, resulting in this form being a form of affection. Most droids who complete Encountering tend to stick with each other. As such, many droids on Proem call this the ‘marriage meld’. 


During this process, all of the information between two droids is seen and witnessed. No secret is unable to be withheld. Some people theorize that a well practiced droid in Droid Melding might be able to restore past experiences lost to memory wipes. However, this doesn’t allow corrupted files to be read, nor can files be copied or deleted. After the process is done, both droids remember what they saw and recreate new memory files to imitate what they saw, but they cannot make perfect copies.  


Form 2: Forging

Forging is a much more intimate and complex process compared to Encountering. Like Form 1, Forging lets two droids exchange a huge amount of data. However, Forging goes a step further and has all the data, from the simplest of motor functions to the complexities of living information, copied and merged with each other. This newly formed data is transferred to an unactivated memory core connected to the two melding droids, This newly formed data is essentially a new being and a combination of the two ‘parent’ droids personalities. 


This process can only be done by two droids, one who have practiced Form 1 enough times in order to fully merge their own data with a lesser experienced droid. If This process is not done with a third unactivated droid memory core attached, what will happen is that either the newly created droid will be erased or one of the droid parents will have their own memories erased and replaced with the ‘child’ droid personality. Many droids have been horrified to find that their partner has been replaced by someone brand new. 


Form 3: Devouring

Considered by other droids to be an abomination, Devouring starts with two droids willingly or unwillingly perform Encountering or Forging. However, during the process one droid instead begins to merge and destroy the original data from the other droid in the melding process. This droid essentially ‘eats’ the other by merging the opposing droid’s data with their own, and then erases the personality completely. What is left behind is an empty husk of a droid.  


Where Encountering allows data to be seen but not perfectly copied, Devouring allows pieces of data to be perfectly copied and viewed. Some droid personalities get an emotional high and are soon addicted to Devouring. These ‘Technivores’ or ‘Technigos often develop increasingly erratic personalities with each successful Devouring, going to the point that they will attempt to consume any droid nearby, whether there is a personality in it or not. 


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