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“I am the guardian of this place. You may call me Caretaker if you must. I make sure that this place remains above all, cared for and protected. That which dwells here is always under my watch. Though I will never see it completely like you will, no one else can get in without my permission, nor can anything get out.  Should that which dwells escape, I have the means to contain and slow it, and the means to warn your master of your failure to face that which dwells within.  Will you succumb to the darkness inside? Or will you conquer that which dwells inside you? The Force will judge and guide you. May honor carry you through” - Caretaker, to an apprentice who is about to enter Entrapment. 





Model D-1 

Homeworld: Raka Nwul

Species: Droid


Physical Description


Age: 1 year

Height: 4’5

Weight: 250 lbs

Eyes: Yellow

Sex: N/a




Clothing or Armor: Phrik Chassis, 

Weapon: Lightning Gloves (Built In Hands), Disruptor Pistol (Built in Left Arm), Ion Blaster (Built in Left Arm), Thermal detonator self-destruct (Chest), miniature tractor beam

Common Inventory: Repair Equipment, Communication Array, Holographic Display, Scomp Link, Arc Welder, Magnetized Feet ( All Built in) 


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User Non-Force User


Current Faction Affiliation: Jensaarai

Current Faction Rank: Caretaker




Known Skills:

Repair (Master)

Medicine (Expert)

Firearms (Master)

Gardening (Expert)



After Defender Shaava sealed the star weird within Entrapment and the Jensaarai became the leaders of Raka Nwul, there was a lot of discussion and arguments about what to do with the monster. Eventually it was decided that the monster would remain captive in the very center of the ship. During the repairs of Raka Nwul, Defender Shaava took it upon herself to oversee the defenses that would be in place.


The one thing Shaava fought against was the idea of a droid guarding the entrance to Entrapment. She argued that a droid would never be able to guard the star weird from getting out, nor could it stop anyone from getting in. However, the other Defenders pointed out that it was only through the use of technology that the star weird was even contained now, and with proper design and programming, droids could rival Jedi during the Clone Wars. Outvoted, Shaava conceded and allowed the D-1 model to be produced.


So far, only 5 D-1s have been produced, and only one has been in use. The one in use had a personality from the beginning, one that aligned with the Jensaarai ideals. Caretaker is a vigilant droid, unwilling to leave his post at all. He has been programmed to understand all the signs of the darkside and is equipped to deal with it. Every Defender who has interacted with him wonders if he has been affected by the star weird, but he continues to deny such thoughts and does his job. However, his cryptic speeches as well as his appearance never eases apprentices performing their rite of ascension. 

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