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Sithspawn: Dragul / Dragnoc / Dracsha

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Dragul (Heavy Tank Sith Spawn)

Created through a use of surgery and alchemical manipulation the subject is physically enhanced in size, strength and durability.  Intelligence is secondary and a raised to a level only allowing for the understanding of orders and use of basic heavy melee weapons or the claws present on each finger.  On average the creatures stand between 8 and 10 feet tall weighing in at 500 to 650 lbs.  The increased durability produces a thick hide sporting bone plates on the chest, shoulders, and thighs.  The complexion is dark grey to black with black eyes and hair.  Resemble a large human with a protruding maw filled with teeth.

Tier One:

Early experiments yield the smallest of the Dragul, averaging a height of only 8 ft and weighing in at 500 lbs.  The bone plates appear only on their shoulders; however, the hide thickness is present. 

  • Creature can take small arms fire and ignore most basic not energy based or vibro melee weapons.
  • Claws are capable of piercing medium armor but not heavy armor or vehicle plating.
  • Can handle basic melee weapons, preferring heavy hammers and great swords.  Can also use basic heavy projectile weapons.
  • No force abilities or major alchemical capabilities.

Tier Two:

With advances in understanding and technical knowledge comes advances in Dragul.  Average height now sits at between 8.5 and 9.5 feet.  Weights vary between 500 and 575 pounds, with enhanced muscle refinement and hardening.  Bone plates now appear on both the shoulders and thighs of the creature with an increased hide thickness.  Claws and teeth have been reinforced.

  • Creature is now capable of taking medium arms fire including standard blaster rifles.  Basic melee weapons are negated, while vibro weapons no longer get full penetration.
  • The enhanced strength allows the claws to now pierce heavy armor though armor plating on vehicles still pose a problem, light vehicles can be overcome with the application of numbers.
  • Can handle slightly more advanced melee weapons but still only basic heavy projectile weapons.
  • Only alchemical enhancement is a slight healing factor from consuming the dead.  Minor wounds heal in a few hours.  Major wounds heal over the course of a 3 day hibernation.

Tier Three:

The pinnacle of the Dragul genetic line.  Averaging 10 foot in height and weighing in at a staggering 650 pounds it is an imposing sight.  The bone plating has appeared on the chest as well as an increased hide thickness.  The strength of the Dragul now exceeds expectations and is now coupled with a few more alchemical advancements.

  • Now capable of withstanding most military grade infantry weapons, including heavy weapons.  Melee weapons are now primarily ineffectual excluding light sabers and highly advanced vibro weapons.
  • Claws are now capable of damaging light/medium vehicle armor as the beast is now capable of generating heat due to an alchemical reaction it is capable of in its hands.
  • Capable of handling advanced melee weapons as well as laser based heavy weapons if not outfitted with a projectile one.
  • Healing factor has increased, now minor wounds heal in minutes instead of hours and creature can now consume both living and dead enemies.  Major wounds still require 24 hrs of hibernation.


Dragnoc (Infantry Sith Spawn/Breeder)

Created via a use of alchemical and viral methods, the subject resembles a humanoid toad standing 6.5 ft tall and weighing 300 lbs. on average.  Large set eyes provide an exceptional field of vision while the large mouth is lined with 2 rows of sharp .5-inch teeth.  It has an enhanced strength in both its legs and arms with an ability to leap great distances and climb without equipment.  Capable of using melee weapons its preferred ranged weapons are a corrosive bile it can spew/spit up to 75 feet, and a barbed tongue that reaches 12. The bile destabilizes and degrades minutes after being spewed forth so it can’t be duplicated.  The tongue contains 3 barbs that can break off to inject the virus into its victim, causing a coma that begins the early stages of transformation into a Dragnoc.  Also capable of the use of light ranged weapons.  Minor thickening of the hide allows it to absorb light arms fire and basic melee weapon damage.  Creatures have standard intelligence.

Tier One:

Early experimentation with the virus coupled with alchemical manipulation yielded a strain of varying sized Dragnocs with a variety of colors ranging from deep reds to purples and black.  The mouth contained only one row of teeth.  A singular barb developed on the tongue and the corrosive bile was capable of only destroying light armor in one go while medium required a few applications.  Viral infection of an enemy at this point takes 72 to 96 hours to cause transformation.  The enhanced strength is present, but the leaping ability is slightly limited.  On average the creatures were only 5.75 to 6-foot-tall with a more toad like appearance including slightly larger hands and feet.

  • Creature can take equivalent amount of fire to a lightly armored soldier.  Basic melee weapons do reduced damage but vibro and energy weapons are fully effective.
  • Teeth can shred through personal light armor and medium if the acidic bile is applied at the same location.
  • Can handle basic light to medium melee weapons as well as light range weapons.
  • Field of vision while enhanced is not much greater than a normal humanoid.

Tier Two:

With advances to the virus and minor alchemical adjustments the size of the Dragnocs stabilized at 6.5 feet with few variations in colors.  The color range is now purple to black.  The eyes have developed further, and the second row of teeth have been produced.  The Tongue now sports two barbs and the creature’s hands and feet are now more manageable.  The bile is now capable of destroying medium armor and the enhanced strength has yielded greater leap and climbing abilities.  The hide has also begun to thicken.

  • Creature now has a hide thickness equivalent to medium armor absorbing most light weapons fire and the damage of standard melee weapons.  Vibro weapons do some damage but energy blades are still complete.
  • Teeth are now capable of sawing threw personal medium armor without the use of acid and heavy with.
  • Weapon usage the same.
  • Field of vision has enhanced to 180 degrees.
  • Tongue now contains two barbs and the virus rate is increased to needing 48 hrs. with alchemical enhancement added in the interim.

Tier 3:

The final incarnation of the Dragnoc maintains the same physical appearance but sees the final evolution of the tongue and an upgrade to the corrosive bile produced by the creature.  At this point heavy armor and minor plate shielding melt away as though they were not there, and enemies are reduced to puddles of slime.  The leap distance of the creature is now 45 to 60 ft and they can climb virtually flat walls.  The field of vision has also increased to 240 degrees. 

  • Enhanced bile that can now destroy personal heavy armor and light vehicle armor if applied by several creatures.
  • Final tongue barb developed, and the virus now begins making the change in 16 hrs. after inducing coma.
  • Creatures strength has increased to the point where it can now wield medium ranged weapons as well as medium melee weapons.


Dracsha (Scout/infiltration)

Created using pure alchemy the Dracsha is a small humanoid with the feature of a feline.  Standing at best 5ft tall the creature sports 2-inch retractable claws on each of its digits.  A slender tail assists in balance while moving over delicate terrain or narrow ledges.  A heightened sense of intelligence allows it to gather useful information.  The creature can use an alchemical reaction in its fur to match it surrounding providing a good bit of stealth.  The Dracsha also boasts an ambient body temperature making thermal detection hard.  For disrupting electronics, the creature has the ability to generate bioelectrical surges that it can pass through its claws or as a small burst.  Capable of computer use and data extraction.  The creature is also capable of seeing in the dark due to enhanced night vision.

Tier One:

The basic forms and function of the Dracsha has developed those size and coloration are a problem.  At this state the creature is not super advanced in intelligence and yet cannot use the stealth capability being breed for.

  • The creature’s coloration varies with some appearing as pure white.  Size is slightly larger at about 5.6 feet.
  • Claws while present are not retractable and only capable of striking exposed areas, useless currently against armor. 
  • Capable of wielding only light weapons and wearing basic cloth coverings no armor.
  • Intelligence is slightly above humanoid average with saboteur functions available.

Tier Two:

The second variation see’s a correction in the creature’s physical attributes as well as durability of its primary claw weapon.  The intelligence has been increased again to allow for data acquisition and optical enhancements have been made to allow for low light vision.  The creatures have also developed the ability to bear the burden of light armor.

  • The creature’s claws have developed the ability to retract and can now pierce light armor.
  • Color variation is down to deep blues, purples, and greys.
  • Height has been reduced to 5ft.
  • Intelligence has increased and basic hacking and saboteur functions are now available.
  • Low light vision has developed.


Tier 3:

The final incarnation of the Dracsha sees the coloration stabilize further to greys and blacks.  The electrical impulses can now be created and used as both a weapon and a means of disabling machines.  The intelligence of the creature peaks at this stage and allows for advanced infiltration, espionage, and sabotage.    Perfect vision at night now allows for total black out movement while the camaflauge has improved to the point that if the creature is not moving it cannot be readily seen or detected. 

  • Final physical development completed.
  • Intelligence on par with combat intelligence officer and beyond.
  • Combat effectiveness at its peek though still not exceptionally high.
  • Data collection and sabotage functions are at a peek performance level as well.
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