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Tao Teo: The Wyyschokk

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Real Name: Tao Teo

A.K.A: The Wyyschokk

Homeworld: Kashyyyk 

Species: Ardennian


Physical Description


Age:  41

Height: 4’6

Weight: 165 lbs

Hair: Gray

skin Blue

Eyes: Green

Sex: Female




Clothing or Armor: Jensaarai Armor, 

Weapon: 2 guard shoto lightsabers (Blue and Yellow),  Wrist Dart Launcher (4), 

Common Inventory: Death Sticks (6), Namana Liquor Cases (6), Encased  Felucian Leeches (4), Dioxis Gas Canisters (4), Lockpicking Set, Slicing Set, Pet Klawaklaw (Young Male Mykal)


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User Force User

Alignment: LG

Current Faction Affiliation: Jensaarai

Current Faction Rank: Defender




Force Side: Light

Trained by: Defender Laigrek

Trained who: The Watchers

Known Skills:

Diplomacy (Master)

Poison/Toxin (Master)

Medicine (Expert)

Animal Training/Breeding (Expert)

Stealth (Master)

Piloting (Expert)

Poetry/Writing (Expert)


Force Skills:

Force Empathy (Expert)

Force Speed/Jump (Master)

Force Persuasion (Expert)

Buried Presence (Master)

Ballistakineses (Master)

Force Illusion (Expert)




"You were outsiders. Lost. Like me.  Forgotten and discarded by the rest of the galaxy. But no more. This is your family. I am your guardian. While you operate in the shadows like me, you mist not lose your honor. Be my eyes, not my blade. Be my patience, not my brother's and sister's insanity."  - The Wyyschokk, to The Watchers


Tao’s family emigrated shortly after the empire’s fall to Kashyyyk, to help the people regrow and heal. However, shortly after they arrived, pirates attacked their homes and drove them deep into the dark forests of the planet, far from the sun. For 30 years the family made their home in the dark, living as best as they could, and stranded with no way of getting help. 


However, while his parents struggled, Tao and his siblings thrived. Tao specifically found he had a knack for survival in the dark, even with the dangerous species that lived down there. He cared for his aging parents and younger siblings until his parent’s death.  Afterwards, his siblings became much more bloodthirsty and violent and disbanded, staking out a large area of land as theirs. Even when wookies came down to the planet’s surface, instead of seeking the light, Tao’s siblings killed them instead. Only Tao kept his sanity and traveled alone on the surface. 


Eventually, some strangers crashed into the forest: A couple of humans and a Melitto in strange armor. The group were stranded and were desperate to find a way back up to where allies were. Tao approached them and offered his help in exchange for passage off the planet. The Defender agreed and the group set out. 


For a week, the group traveled. While it could have been shorter, Tao was doing everything in his power to keep the group avoid his siblings. Despite this, the group was comfortable for the most part. Defender Laigrek and Tao spent many nights talking about what life was like, what was one’s duties, and where one was supposed to be. Laigrek found Tao an interesting person: one who had been surrounded by madness and chaos, Tao was a being who kept his sanity and honor. 


Despite his best efforts, Tao and the group were ambushed by his siblings. There was a bloody fight, which eventually ended with Tao having to make a choice between killing his siblings and defending Defender Laigrek’s group or fleeing the battle. When chips were down, Tao helped Laigrek. After everything, Laigrek followed his promise and took Tao with him to be trained as a Jensaarai. 


After his training, Tao started searching for lost children. Specifically, he began building a clan. He started finding orphan younglings from numerous planets, trained them in the art of stealth and espionage, and made them into a family. Named ‘the Watchers’, these kids had to endure tough and nearly life-breaking tests, earned a unique name, and then sent them out to observe everything. These children, which Tao calls his ‘family’ act in an honorable fashion and gather information. Tao then passes this info to the Jensaarai. This started six years ago. Now his network has grown and instead of using children, he uses teens and young adults, while the children are being raised in a secret orphanage called Convent in the wreckage of Coruscant. 


Currently, Tao operates between Raka Nwul and Coruscant, finding more children to bring into his family and running Convent. Currently the Watchers number about 87 members, and the orphanage has about 60 children, with more being found each day. It is clear to the other members of the Jensaarai that Teo is struggling to divide his time in between the two, and Teo is actively looking for someone to help take over some of his duties. 

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