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Hjertet av Raseri


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Chaining of Onderon

Chaining of Onderon II



Name: Hjertet av Raseri (Heart of Rage)

Classification: Flower; Dark Side Nexus

Lethality: Extreme

Average Height: Varies

Average Width: Varies




  • C A U T I O N

The Heart is the result of a moulded cast of Sith Steel being infused with necromantic energy either deliberately, or as the result of a traumatic event, with nourishment from a Seed of Rage.This type of amalgam breeds an infectious Dark Nexus that begins inorganically, and spreads as swift as wildfire once the roots set in. This type of embryonic flora is experimental, and has been produced only once prior. However, it is said that a sampling of this specimen has the ability to produce powerful crystals under the correct circumstances. It is worth noting, that to economically harvest or mine such artifacts from the grove is far too dangerous for ordinary folk. The Heart experiences rapid successions in expansive growth, as well as visual representation; Stems, roots, leaves and vascular tissue enlarges swellingly throughout the first few months of seeding and the developmental stages transition almost daily. As time progresses, the Heart will transcend into an entire ecosystem, evolving natural defences and hardening like bark around the blossomed seed and metal. As the natural complex magnifies it’s reach, the rate of maturation and spread will crawl to a slower pace and acclimatize to a specific territory.


The Heart itself is autonomous and is an embodiment of raw Dark Side power, feeding profusely without reservations, yet offering an abundance of serviceability for those that can withstand and exploit such an alignment of force. With such an immense harnessing of energies, the flower inherits the aptitude to manipulate and influence biological matter on a cellular level. It dynamically perverts everything in its domain, predominates the nervous systems of wildlife, and also boasts the tendency to produce entirely new Sithspawn by means of a rather unique incubation system. These utilities act as a medium for manipulators of Sith Alchemy on a creatively grand scale; Necromancy, Sith Spawn Creation, Dark Immersion, Rehabilitative Incubation, Poison Creation to name a few.


Hjertat av Raseri is cradle of pestilence, with roots and stems covered in poisonous thorns. The umbrage from the crowning ecosystem tunnels and burrows, opening pockets and cavities for mutated critters to breed, and for the undead to reign. A typical Seed of Rage infused with necromantic energies will hastily germinate in the midsts of rotting corpses and wastes of biological proportions. As time progresses the expansive roots will cover deceased corpses in a weblike manner and seemingly assimilate them into itself. Due to the shamanistic influences of the Force that drive this aberrant vegetation in its life cycle, there are cases in off-world projects that lay evidence to reanimation of the dead in both humanoids and creatures alike. The power of the Dark Side runs infinite within this type of habitation, rhythmical in how the pulsing red of the seed beats just as a heart does, and can be heard hypnotically for miles. The primal and non-sentient volition of the Heart maddens with time and pushes to consume all that surrounds it. As it stands, self preservation is the true purpose of this phenomenon. The reason for caution is death and the seductive mesmerism of the flower that professes a bevy of alarming traits; horrid hallucinations and self-harming thoughts flood the mind when in the vicinity of the flower. It is advised to not linger in the presence of it for any amount of time.



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