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Kier: The Malia

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Known Name: Kier

A.K.A: The Malia

Homeworld: Dantooine

Species: Human


Physical Description


Age: 33

Height:  5’ 9”

Weight: 134 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Sex: Female




Clothing or Armor: Jensaarai Armor, Grey Cloak

Weapon: CURRENT Lightsaber (Red) armor-mounted flamethrower,

armor-mounted elbow and knee spikes

OTHER LIGHTSABERS OWNED: blue shoto, 2 yellow sabers

Common Inventory: infrared and ultraviolet scanner,  comm devicd (integrated into the armor)


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: Jenessarai

Current Faction Rank: Defender




Force Side: Light

Trained by: The Purrgil

Trained who: Assisted in combat and historical training of numerous apprentices

Known Skills:

-Lightsaber Combat - Forms I, III, and. VI (Master)

-Unarmed Combat/Brawling (Expert)

-Clandestine Activity, sabotage, stealth (Master)

- Acrobatics (Master)

-Jensaarai tradition (Master)

-Ancient Sith Translations (Master)

-Essential Jensaarai Skills (Master)


Force Skills:

-Force Speed: (Expert)

-Force Telepathy (Skilled)

-Buried Presence (Master)

-Ballistakinesis (Master)

-Force Healing (Beginner)

-Force-assisted Acrobatics (Expert)

-Precognition (Skilled)



Kier was born to a Jensaarai father, the Purrgil, and a mother who was a member of the Jensaarai community. She was raised from birth in the Jensaarai tradition, studying under her father and other defenders.


Kier constructed her first lightsaber at the age of 6, and has since crafted three more to better serve her as a Jensaarai Defender. Kier was the youngest Jensaarai to ever undergo the Rite of Ascension, having done so at 17 years old. 

As a young woman, the Malia served the Jensaarai order, but was also allowed to follow her young wanderlust. She did this as a Jensaarai scout spending time watching, learning, and reporting back to the order on the happenings about the galaxy.


Now, The Malia resides aboard the Jensaarai’s herdship, but is often seen about the galaxy subtlety serving the Jensaarai causes of peace and justice. She spends weeks and months at a time away from the community, but is always happy to be back amongst her people. 

Kier is friendly and open to helping anyone learning the ways of the Jensaarai, even if she is impatient with newer initiated apprentices who are struggling to leave their pasts behind.

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