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Ballistakinesis is a force power developed by the secretive monastic order, the Jensaarai. While telekinesis is not a power limited to light or dark side powers, and it has a myriad of uses, no other group had taken the skill and applied it in such a method.


Ballistakinesis is quite simply put, the casual directing of countless small objects and directing them with as little as a look of the eye or wave of the hand. Ball bearings, nuts, bolts, grains of sand, shells, wood shavings, any small objects composed of matter regardless of slightness or malleability are propelled by an instantaneous controlled blast of force power. The items are accelerated to lethal speeds hurtling towards the area of the users choice. The application of this ability is distinguished by a sudden burst of force usage and nothing more. If someone were not paying attention, such an instantaneous burst and dwindling of power could be missed. The force is applied to the objects for a mere fraction of a moment as the user accelerates the projectiles to unnatural speeds, directing them in the same instant. The laws of nature do the rest. The projectiles carry all the energy bestowed upon them by the force in that instant. Even a trained practitioner would be hard pressed to stop the action once the projectiles are supernaturally accelerated in an instant. Once unleashed, control over the projectiles is lost. As such, directing the lethal cloud in dizzying patterns is not something that can generally be done outside of a simple arc or swirl.


The ability is not pinpoint accurate, but the use of such a cloud of lethal items zipping so concentratedly through the air towards a decided target makes up for this lack of accuracy. While the application of such a power can prove to be useful against a sizable amount of enemies, its true usefulness shines when applied en mass in singular or close-quarters combat.


Thus a Jensaarai is never truly unarmed, so long as he or she has their wits about them.


This is a skill taught by the Jensaarai Defender to their Apprentice as they undergo their indoctrination into the Jensaarai order. Ballistakinesis is simple in its elemental parts, and as beautiful as it is lethal; but to achieve this effect requires a decided amount of training beyond the application of general telekinetic force powers.

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