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Gethin’pugh, Darth Gw'rchod.


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Real Name: Gethin’pugh

A.K.A: Darth Gw’rchod

Homeworld: Cerea

Species: Cerean


Age: 214

Height: 6’8”

Weight: 154 lbs.

Hair: Black streaked with yellowing stained white

Eyes: Glowing yellow

Sex: Male


Clothing/Armor: Billowing black robe fringed in the tradition Sith red with the Sith emblem emblazoned on the base of the cowl. Beneath this robe, Gethin’pugh wears an intricate set of ancient Sith armor salvaged from the ravaged tomb of a long forgotten Force cult that was the first to fall under his leadership for resisting the ways of the Sith.

Weapon: Gethin’pugh carries a red-bladed lightsaber, the hilt of which is formed from an unidentified greenish metal covered in swirling vortex-like ridges; however, this weapon is more ceremonial than anything as Gethin’pugh prefers to choke the life out of his foes with his bony bare hands or through applications of the force.


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User

Alignment: Lawful Evil ascribing to the tenants of the Sith Code

Faction Affiliation: Empire of The Sith

Rank: NPC Sith Lord of the Pyramid of Sith Philosophy


Force Side: Dark

Trained By: Darth Crito of Alopekk

Trained Who: The Red Knights of Truth

Known Skills: Stava – Martial Arts (Expert)

Pain Based and Sensory Deprivation Interrogation (Master)

Sith Philosophy (Master)

Studying/Research (Master)

Force Powers: Speed (Master)

Shrouding/Invisibility (Master)

Choke (Expert)

Lightning (Expert)

Asphyxiation – removal of air from an area (Master)

Sense (Skilled)

Lie Detection (Skilled)

Light Side Detection (Skilled)



Gethin’pugh was born to Cerean refugees during a lengthy hyperspace trip. His family and fellow refugees were massacred and their ship destroyed in the midst of deep space by Darth Crito of Alopekk who had sensed Gethin’pugh’s birth and had been waiting the arrival of the ship as he manipulated the force to cause the ship to fall out of hyperspace in an empty uncharted system. Gethin’pugh was taken by Crito to be trained up as his apprentice. Under the cold, volatile, unloving watch of Darth Crito, Gethin’pugh was brought up and morphed into a Sithly master of the Dark Side, bent on serving the darkness.


While Gethin’pugh excelled in applications of the darkness in breaking others to his will, he struggled in the traditional combat ways of the Sith. It took years of ongoing training with countless masters to attain any level of combat proficiency, coming to rely on the force to guide his clumsy form. With each failure, Gethin’pugh was punished mercilessly, many times with bouts of force lightning that left him close to death each time. Over time, Gethin’pugh began to fear the punishments of failure greater than the defeat itself. The skin melting body altering dark side powers and the pain and death it inflicted on his flesh and soul left him a shell of the healthy Cerean he once was. In his place, stood a gaunt skeletal being with grotesque sinewy hair held together by the very fear of failure.


Eventually, Gethin’pugh proved his worthiness to the cause of the Sith, taking upon himself the name of Darth Gw’rchod. His fear of failure drove him to succeed. He would reach deeper and fight harder, drawing not upon the fear’s about him, but upon the bottomless yawning pit of his own desecrated soul. As time passed on, Gethin’pugh came to serve none other than the Dark Kingand the Sith itself, but not the Sith as an organization, but the ideology of the Sith as a whole. Soon the name Darth Gw’rchod became synonymous with fear, fear of failing the cause of the Sith and fear of the black robed enforcer Darth Gw’rchod – unholy servant of The Sith Code and The Sith Ideology. Any who dared to potentially cross that what was meant to be the Sith, dared to invite Darth Gw’rchod and his maskless black robed minions of The Red Knights of Truth into their shadowy lives; the short pitiful lives that would be stolen from their very bodies at any moment.

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