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The Prime Agent, Aireen.


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Real name: Aireen -No Known Last name

Aliases: The Prime Agent, Oiaoloo’savali’saoloto

Homeworld: Onderon

Species: Human

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 105 lbs

Skin: white

Eyes: burnt red/brown

Sex Female



Clothing/Armor: Zephyr Stealth Suit when on operations. Otherwise, she wears a loose fitting set of cargo pants, a mechanics vest, and a bandana

Weapon: Duel Thigh holstered DL-18 blasters, each with a vibroblade tucked behind the holster.


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non Force User

Alignment: Lawful Good

Faction Affiliation: Empire of The Sith

Rank: NPC Leader of The Immortal Shade Brothers


Trained By: Self-taught

Trained Who: *CLASSIFIED*

Known Skills:

Frontier Survival (Expert)

Tracking (Master)

Bounty Hunting (Expert)

Hand-to-hand combat (Expert)

Sidearm marksmanship/gunslinging (Master)

Cultural Adaptation (Proficient)

Linguistics (Master)



Aireen is the leader of The Immortal Shade Brothers, a group of elite servants of the Sith Empire dedicated to maintaining loyalty amongst the ranks of The Sith and exploring the primitive and newly acquired people’s of the Empire. Until recently, however, she did not hold this awesome title and the power that came with it. For most of her life, Aireen acted as a gun-for-hire freelance bounty hunter more often than not in the employ of various Sith Lords or the Sith Empire itself tracking down fugitives that were beyond the reach of the Sith Lords due to proprietary or the reaches of outside legal systems. Even without a connection to the force, her abilities to blend in with local cultures and adapt to their ways, allowed her to time and time again take her targets by surprise bringing them in either dead or alive.


Growing up, Aireen lived in a life of poverty. Her father had vanished when she was young, so Aireen took to the streets. Instead of joining the other young girls in selling their very innocence, Aileen took it upon herself to put down any that would dare to try and lay their hands, or anything else, on her or anyone she cared about. Over time, her reputation as a brutal survivor grew in the Onderonian underworld to the point that she could wander relatively freely within the dregs of society or the wilds where the beast riders roamed. There, she was called Oiaoloo’savali’saoloto or She Who Walks Freely, for her fearless nature. Eventually her work planetside allowed her to accumulate enough money to purchase her way offworld where she put her skills to work on the frontiers of the Sith Empire and beyond. Wherever Aireen went, she sought to better the cause of the lowest of the low, those who were oppressed without cause. In that, she found no better guidance than the very code of The Sith. True, she did not possess the magic that many of the Sith wizards and witches had; but she still lived her life in accordance with their guidelines. In that dedication, she became as powerful and free as those shackled by the force. As she moved onwards, punishing those who violated the code, she instilled the code in those who would listen in an effort to bring them into the freedom that she had found.

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