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Darth Sensara

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Real Name: Nuruodo’rela’inrokini AKA Orelai

A.K.A: Darth Sensara

Homeworld: Csilla

Species: Chiss


Age: 33

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 124 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark Red

Sex: Female


Clothing/Armor: Black leathers, boots, gloves and robe. Face always painted, hiding the signs of Force corruption underneath

Weapons: The Wicked Tongues. Two identical red lightsabers.


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Faction Affiliation: Empire of The Sith

Rank: NPC Sith Lord of the Pyramid of Production and Logistics


Force Side: Dark

Trained By: Darth Vaephus

Trained Who: N/A Has never taken an apprentice

Known Skills: Lightsaber combat – Form VI (Expert)

Political Science (Expert)

Military Strategy (Expert)

Economics (Master)

Force Powers: Force Persuasion (Master)

Speed (Expert)

Force Concealment (Expert)

Telepathy (Master)

Force Empathy (Master)

Mind Control (Skilled)

Lie Detection (Skilled)




Orelai began with nothing. Born on Csilla, Orelai grew up in a family bordering on the edge of poverty, her parents unskilled workers living from job to job. Long hours and little supervision left Orelai neglected and free to roam. Her intellect outpacing her education, Orelai spent most of her childhood with older, more privileged students at the local university. She held no illusions that they considered her a friend. Instead, she endeared herself as a partner. Orelai smuggled in contraband the university declared off limits, and the students let her hang around. She soaked up their assignments, borrowed their books, and learned everything she could from what they let her see. In this way, she managed to put together a piecemeal higher education her family could never have afforded, but unfortunately without the official degree to go with it. Not eager to remain where her birth had dumped her, Orelai took the best option for a young Chiss to improve their life: the military. Her fractured education and relentless work ethic got her a position as a low staff officer, and her eyes only looked up. She shot up the ladder, far faster than she should, even given her drive and edification. When she was promoted to captain of her own frigate, she finally puzzled out her powers.


Orelai discovered that she had the ability to “push” people. Not outright control, but when she wanted to she could open someone up to her point of view, break down their prejudices and defenses, and make them see things her way. It grew stronger when she was irritated, and soldiers had more than once turned away from her room when she was furious. When she covertly interviewed them, they claimed they couldn’t explain it, except that they had felt like she wouldn’t want to be bothered.


Eager to exploit her new ability, Orelai actively pushed people she disagreed with. Blue blood officers, stubborn codgers, and ignorant politicians all began to see things differently after spending some time with Orelai, transforming from detractors into supporters. When her term of service was done, Orelai took her ability to the next level. Politics. She soon positioned herself as an influential member of the Inrokini house, and had her eyes on the title of Aristocra. Unfortunately, power has consequences. The veins in her face and arms turned black as the dark side she’d grown so dependent on corrupted her body. She hid her affliction with make-up and concealing clothes, but rumors began to fly, and were soon confirmed. The discovery of the “shameful impurity” of being a Force sensitive combined with an investigation into her suspicious rise to power convinced her that her time in the Ascendancy was done. Sacrificing her most loyal pawns in a distraction, she fled Chiss space and made her way to the Sith Empire.


It was here that she met Darth Vaephus, an elderly Chadra-Fan who prided himself on his ability to manipulate his rivals from the shadows. In Orelai he saw a tool, and he taught her all he knew. In Sith fashion, she betrayed him upon achieving her lordship, and continued to rise in power. Her enemies squabbled and killed under her gentle touch and silken whispers, while the painted lady climbed higher and higher, eventually catching the attention of the Dark King himself.


Now she sits as a member of the Dark Council, surrounding herself with intelligent, competent non-Force users cultivated to be susceptible to her influence. She maintains her “push” constantly, the weak and suggestible finding her more and more agreeable by the second while she calmly and logically presents her point of view. An academic through and through, in her mind she is achieving a dream the chiss were too short sighted to see. The universe would be a simpler place if the simple-minded simply listened to their betters...

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