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Maliba Kyro, Darth Infidus

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Maliba Kyro






Real Name: Maliba Kyro

A.K.A: Darth Infidus

Homeworld: Arkania

Species: Arkanian Offshoot


Age: 33

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 163 lbs.

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Sex: Female


Clothing/Armor: Black uniform

Weapons: Profane Edict. Adjustable-length red lightsaber built into phrik gauntlet. Standard length of 1.5 feet.


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Faction Affiliation: Empire of The Sith

Rank: NPC Sith Lord of the Pyramid of Military Offense


Force Side: Dark

Trained By: Darth Gor

Trained Who: Garik Doma (Current Apprentice)

Known Skills: Lightsaber combat – Form I (Expert)

Echani Martial Art (Expert)

Stava (Expert)

Teras Kasi (Master)

Military Strategy (Expert)

Military Tactics (Master)

Force Powers:

Force Telekinesis (Expert)

Tactile Telekinesis (Master)

Speed (Expert)

Detoxify Poison (Master)

Force Body (Master)

Force Heal (Master)

Shatterpoint (Skilled)

Force Jump (Expert)




Maliba was born imperfect. One of countless Arkanian genetically modified children, Maliba numbered among the few complete failures. A quirk of her altered DNA left her without an immune system, and she was raised in a clinical environment as a result, segregated from the outside world in a sterilized hospital suite where her condition could be studied. Looked down on and disregarded by the “perfect”, pure arkanians, her only interactions were with her doctors. This, unfortunately, pushed her into an obsession regarding her physical flaws and achieving the perfection held sacred by her people. She physically trained and studied constantly, but nothing softened the looks of pity or contempt she glimpsed out of the corner of her eye. By the time she reached adulthood, she had honed herself into a physically perfect specimen apart from her genetic defects, and her mind was razor sharp. She proved her superior intelligence over and over through Holonet strategy games, and she regularly outperformed professional athletes in the hospital exercise center, though she never had the opportunity to best them in person. Yet nothing she did made people look past her flaws.


The anger and desire to belong that had driven her through childhood turned to hate and bile. It finally struck Maliba that no achievement or dedication would get her out of this bleached box of a home, or make her own species see her as anything but an imperfect curiosity. She cursed in silence, despising them. It was around this time that Darth Gor found her.


Sensing her from across space, the gamorrean Sith felt Maliba's hatred and power in the Force, and saw in her a potential apprentice, a connection between them willed by the Force itself. Calling in a favor from another Sith lord, Gor retrieved Maliba under the pretense of having her partake in a medical study. Once she'd been brought to the empire, he met with her personally. At first wary of the old gamorrean, the ideals and promises of the Sith Code soon hooked Maliba, and only a week later she formally became Darth Gor's apprentice.


The first thing he taught her was how to use the Force to purify and heal her body, wielding it to fend off the infections her genetics left her defenseless against. The technique was painful, requiring her to regularly use the Force to scour every vein in her body clean, but suddenly after decades in isolation Maliba could walk outside. Just as the Code of the Sith promised, the Force had freed her, and she'd only begun to touch the potential Darth Gor hinted at. Maliba grew in strength, taking a cue from her master and focusing on martial arts and traditional fighting styles while only mastering the basics of lightsaber combat. She learned how to let the Force push her body beyond its normal limits and keep her fighting at peak capacity long after she should have dropped unconscious. Reveling in the power and control she felt in combat, she amplified it by learning an esoteric form of Force telekinesis: tactile telekinesis, using the Force to supplement the motions and strikes of her own body. Finding she had a natural talent for the art, it gave the illusion of incredible strength. A single blow might cave in a wookiee’s chest, or snap a droid’s arm in two, or shatter a blaster rifle. As the Force made her stronger, more durable, and fiercer, she strove to test herself against anyone who would accept her challenge. She earned a reputation for playing with her foes, avoiding finishing the fight as long as possible while giving them plenty of chances to come at her, only for her to bring them down again. It wasn’t enough to beat them, she had to steal their pride in their strength away. Eventually, she had had enough of warm up fights, and challenged her master.


The duel between Gor and Maliba lasted for six hours, the Force allowing both to strain their bodies to the breaking point. Gor’s natural strength was nothing to Maliba’s Force enhanced blows, but the wily elder Sith kept up with his apprentice through cunning and skill. However, Gor’s age had robbed him of much of his endurance, and soon even the Force couldn’t keep his body going. As Maliba stood over him, and he saw the joy in her eyes at taking away his victory, he named her Darth Infidus, for she would be a Sith who savored destroying what others held sacred.

Darth Infidus rose through the ranks, her keen mind, hungry drive, and perfectionist standards keeping her a level above her fellow Sith in the battlelines. Shortly after achieving the rank of master, she caught the attention of the Dark King and was appointed as the Lord of the Pyramid of Military Offense. She still finds her greatest joy in desecrating what others worship, and her quarters are filled with the pilfered artifacts and artwork of the conquered, strewn about and vandalized. What use are values and beliefs without strength to back them? For a Sith, strength is their belief…

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