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Garik Doma, Devilfish.

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Real Name: Garik Doma

A.K.A: “The Devilfish”

Homeworld: Naboo

Species: Gungan


Age: 23

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 161 lbs.

Hair: N/A

Eyes: Yellow

Sex: Male


Clothing/Armor: Black uniform

Weapons: Force pike, Red lightsaber


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Faction Affiliation: Empire of The Sith

Rank: NPC Sith Apprentice to Darth Infidus


Force Side: Dark

Trained By: Darth Infidus

Trained Who: N/A

Known Skills: Lightsaber combat – Form I (Skilled)

Mechanic (Skilled)

Scavenging/Salvage (Expert)

Force Powers:

Force Telekinesis (Novice)

Speed (Novice)

Force Body (Novice)

Shatterpoint (Skilled)

Force Jump (Skilled)




Garik Doma grew up in a small village under the waters of Naboo. His village, Otoh Bomonga, sat nestled in a crevice deep beneath the surface, deeper than most other gungan communities dared to build. The village prided itself on its expert hunters who dared the depths in teams to bring down the most elusive game. Situated near one of the entrances to the planet core, the gungan hunters set trap after trap for beasts of all kinds, dragging their carcasses back up to the village amongst a cacophony of cheers. Like many, Garik Doma admired and envied the hunters. His childhood daydreams saw him as one of them, bringing down great leviathans through wit, weapon, and war cries. However, the reality didn't match up with his fantasy. Garik Doma never got a chance to be a hunter, his scrawny body making the hunters quick to dismiss him as a potential protege. Instead, Garik ended up relegated to foraging the submerged canyons and tunnels near the village, spending his days searching for algae clusters and fat, lazy eels. As days passed, with Garik gazing down into the abyss even as he scraped up green and yellow slime, something began to change. Something pulled Garik towards the darkness, something beyond a desire for adventure and glory. Garik ignored it, likening the desire to the insane urge to jump a person feels looking over a cliff. But it persisted, plaguing his dreams with visions of crushing darkness, eyes in the depths, and whispers in the water.


One morning, Garik didn't go foraging. Instead, the village hunters raised the alarm as they discovered one of their bongos missing, and Garik nowhere to be found. The hunters descended after him and searched, but found no trace of the skinny gungan. Believing that he'd gone deeper than even they were willing to go, they wrote Garik off as some monster's meal.


Four days later, a crippled bongo limped out of the deep, power flickering as the submersible listed and spun. Garik sat at the controls, hands clenched on the helm, one eye blind and the other staring blankly ahead at nothing. When the villagers pulled him out of the bongo, he came without a word, listless and limp. When they imprisoned him, he didn't protest. He barely drank, only ate when prompted, and slept only when his body collapsed from exhaustion. "Deep Mad Doma", as he came to be called, did nothing, and soon he was written off by the village as a cautionary tale and a tragedy.


Months went by, and Garik's caretakers noticed some oddities. Things outside of Garik's cell had a habit of moving, if only a few inches. Sometimes they found things in his cell he couldn't possibly have gotten. One night, they found his cell inexplicably unlocked, yet as far as they could tell Garik hadn't moved. Suspecting the mad gungan had a covert visitor, they stepped up their guard, yet they never caught anyone coming near the cell.

Then one morning the village raised the alarms again. The guard sent at the changing of the shift found Garik's cell open, and the night's guard strangled. One of the hunters' bongos was once again missing, and Garik was nowhere to be found.


Even Garik has no clear memory of what exactly happened, but he found himself near Theed days later after going through the core. A ship in the spaceport drew his attention and he wandered up to it in a daze, so oblivious he never saw the hulking human behind him stun baton him into unconsciousness.


Waking up hours later, Garik found himself in the custody of pirates, looking to make a quick profit selling an "exotic" gungan slave. On the bidding stage of the slave markets of Onderon, Garik laid eye on his future master. Darth Infidus, at the market brokering a deal for slave "recruits", sensed the dark side in Garik just as he sensed the power in her. She confiscated him on the spot.

As they looked at each other, Garik spoke.


"...Meesa gonna kill you..."

She smiled back. "Maybe, but not today."


Since then, Infidus' pet "devilfish" has been a fixture of her organization. Found wandering the halls, single eye stalk fixed in a glassy, thousand yard stare, no one knows how much the gungan sees or hears, but since taking him as her ward and apprentice Darth Infidus has developed an uncanny knack for ferreting out dissenters in the ranks. Often, Garik can be found in a dreamy, half-conscious state. Yet now and then he snaps into an insane rage for no reason, screaming wordlessly as he beats or butchers whatever poor sot happens to be nearby. To hurt him is to incur Infidus' wrath, and so most do their best to avoid the Sith master's pet gungan. Yet, those who venture close enough sometimes hear him whisper to empty air...


"...Meesa knows..."

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