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Location Request - Salliche


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Astrographical Information

Region: Core Worlds

Sector: Agricultural Circuit 

System: Salliche System

Orbital Position: 4

Moons: 2

Grid Coordinates: L-11


Physical Information

Class: Terrestrial AgriWorld

Atmosphere: Type 1, breathable

Primary Terrain: Endless expanse of food crops, farms, water aqueducts, and clustered villages

Points of Interest: Capital of Netassa, Harbright Mansion


Societal Information

Indigenous Species: Human

Immigrated Species: Humans, Verpine, AgriDroids

Primary Language(s): Galactic Basic, Verpine, Binary

Faction Affiliation: Neutral


Defense Rating: Level 1


JediRP Canon History: One of the 18 Agriworlds run by the extensive network of the Salliche Agricultural Corporation, Salliche is the oldest operating AgriWorld in the Core Worlds. Its commanding capital of Netassa contains the corporation headquarters of the SAC and the keys to the Agricultural Circuit. 





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