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11th Battalion 7th Imperial Marines

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11th Battalion 7th Imperial Marines

"Knights of the Blooded Drexl"



"Peace is a lie, there is only War."

Through War, I gain Truth."

"Through Truth, I rise."

"Through my rising, I see the Horizon."

"I am born of the Master of Truth."

"I am born of the Blooded Drexl."




Valhalla was a Centurion Class Battlecruiser once forged in the fires of the Mandalorian Wars, but sat abandoned and entombed by the earth it crashed down upon for the last few millennia. Recomissioned for the 11th Battalion 7th Marines, it rose anew, the Imperial Marines breathing new life to the ancient beast. A spearhead for the Knights of the Blooded Drexl, it serves not only as their mobile home, but also as a testament to their "truth through war" philosophy, rising from the ashes of old just as they have.


Standard Issued Gear


Armor - Modified Sith Armor with vacuum sealed armorweave, rebreathers, magnetic boots, and personal shield. Allows for combat both on the ground and in open space.


Weapons - Infantry specialists are equipped with E-11 Blaster Rifles, Imperial Issued Vibro-dagger, and KD-30 Dissuader. Heavy Infantry variate with either a Z-6 Rotory Blaster Cannon or Heavy Assault Blaster Rifle. Tactic Specialists are equipped with both an E-5s Sniper Rifle and DC-17m with an assortment of explosives from Grenades to Mines. Medic Specialists are only equipped with an E-11 Blaster Rifle and Imperial issued Vibro-dagger along with an assortment of Medical Supplies.


Specialized Equipment - Outside of their modified armor, Infantry and Heavy Infantry Specialists possess a modified HUD unit within their helm with infrared and night vision readouts and automatic targeting systems. Tactic Specialists have a separate HUD that charts elemental and atmospheric readouts. And Medic Specialists have a HUD capable of reading vitals and X-ray scanning.

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