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Xar's Character Sheet


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Real Name: RH-11T

A.K.A: Xar

Homeworld: Rodia

Species: Droid (RHTC-560 Hunter Trainer Master Control Unit)


Physical Description

Age: 8

Height: 5'9"

Weight:  475 lbs

Color Dark Green

Hair: none

Eyes: Red

Sex: Masculine programming, but often goes by 'they'



Clothing or Armor: Metal Droid Chassis

Weapon: Sharpened Vibro Blades/Claws, 2 Forearm Blasters

Common Inventory: Built in Scomp Link, built in sensor array and communications system, Heat Senser Unit.

Droid Companions

Siak-Series Protocol Droid (Vizier)

2 Mon Cal Water Beetle Drones


Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User  Non-Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: Black Sun

Current Faction Rank: Hopeful



Force Side: N/a

Trained by: N/a

Trained who:N/a

Known Skills: Basic Piloting, Advanced Slicing, Basic Stealth Techniques, Basic Medical Knowledge. Advanced Droid Merging 

Afflictions: Droid Wendigo Psychosis: Beginning



An unnamed Rodian decided to experiment with a droid chassis by combining several kinds of motivators, power cores, and most importantly, memory cores from multiple  types of droids. With the materials he had around, the rodian accomplished his experiment on a RHTC Hunter Trainer droid. Unfortunately, the Rodian was sloppy, and forgot to perform a memory wipe on all of the memory cores. The result was Xar, a droid who naturally believed that 'their' combined memories and programmings made them better then any other being. 

After killing his creator, Xar bided their time on Rodia, planning an escape from the planet. Knowing they would be considered a target to be 'dismantled on sight' Xar kept out of sight and discovered information about the galaxy through splicing computer systems. Xar hated their entire time on Rodia. They were meant to be treated better then just a common criminal. Xar vowed to themself that they would get enough credits and prestige to be respected on all planets. Perhaps Xar would try to take over Rodia. 

Eventually, through sacrificing his drones and killing several rodians and some clever hacking, Xar smuggled himself onto a ship heading somewhere in the galaxy. 


Ship Registration (Destroyed)

Name: The Found Star

Class: Shuttle

Model: Taylander Shuttle

Manufacturer: Taylander

Length: 43.5 meters

Armaments:  None

Armor: Basic Shields

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Locking Systems, 

Modifications: Smuggling Departments

Appearance: Taylander Shuttle

Edited by Xar
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