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A Guide to the Black Sun

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You want to know the secret to the Black Sun? It is a simple one really. With war, comes opportunity, and with opportunity comes wealth, with wealth comes influence, influence comes power, and with power comes infamy. Infamy is where most of the criminal underworld dies out. But for the Black Sun, the eternal eclipse, it remains in the dark, hidden amongst the shadows, unknown. Their power is in the everlasting tides of war, profiteering from the underworld and ensuring that the conflict never ends. They forego the need for power by using their influence to keep prying eyes away with conflict and their wealth flowing. Greed is a fickle thing, but rise above it, and you will see their path more clearly. 


Unknown Philosopher




After the utter defeat at Dark Sun, Zalis and R3-M0 turned their attention toward their shared past with that of the Black Sun. For too long had it attempted to remain a militia capable of taking on the likes of the controlling governing bodies. This had not bolded well for their profits nor for their consumers. So instead, they chose to let it die and find its rebirth in the shadows. Disappearing from the Galactic front, Zalis and R3-M0 began to reestablish old contacts and allies. Through them, the networks began to slowly and silently realign. Smuggling, Slavery, Piracy, these were their greatest strengths and as such, would be their main focus.


But this wouldn't be their final act. Once the Operations were up and running amidst the Galactic Backdrop, they would turn their eyes to further the conflict between the Sith Empire and forming Rebel Alliance, playing one side against the other, ensuring the cash and supplies would keep flowing and their influence growing. They knew that as long as the conflict remained, they could capitalize on the need for supplies. And rather than portraying themselves as a military might, it would better serve them to simply remain profiteers. And this would open more doors for them in the future.


Hunters could be hired out for bounties or contract assassinations. Smugglers could be hired out for their ships or for acts of piracy. And with the Rebels and Sith Empires at each other's throats, crime could grow rampant and profitable. This would be the rebirth of the Black Sun, rising from the ashes like a phoenix from what once claimed it.


Active Roster



R3-M0 Remo - Roleplayer X


Vigo of Operations

Zalis Krales - Zalis Krales




Titan (Space)* - A Black Sun Front, originally a  Star Liner commissioned under Zalis to act as HQ for the Black Sun, retailing to Clients and Allies as a Luxury Cruizer for the sole purpose of being a legitimate front to discuss business without notice.


Smuggler's Den (Hutt's Palace - Tatooine)* - Originally the Hutt Palace on Tatooine, R3-M0 has acquired it for the more back door dealings and official HQ of the Black Sun.


Vigo Headquarters* - Planets or Stations within the Vigo's assigned regions that become their havens, similar to the Smuggler's Den.


Scipio (Other Worlds) - The Capital World of the InterGalatic Banking Clan, Zalis and R3-M0 were able to obtain a laundering Operation within the IGBC.


Mines of Kessel (Spice Mines of Kessel) - The Infamous Mines of Kessel that sparked the initiative behind the Kessel Run, the Black Sun has its fingers in both the mining of spice and coaxium via smuggling operations and laboring the mines via slavery.


Mechis III Outpost (Mechis III) - The automated world of Mechis III, R3-M0 managed to obtain a small outpost operation dealing with the automated manufacturing and smuggling of weapons as well as the necessary droids needed for the Defense and Operations of the Black Sun Infantry.


(Locations with "*" are exclusive to the Black Sun network. Other Assets are outsourced.)


Ranks and Classes


Operative - These are the NPCs of the Black Sun. They can be found nearly on every world, unrecognizable from your average citizens, outside their underworld dealings, and laying in wait for their activation. When you join the Black Sun, your automatically upgraded to Agent status, your background updated as a past Operative.


Agent -  This is the ground floor in within the Black Sun. Whether you choose to be a Smuggler of Spice and everything not nice, or a Hunter of bounties and assassinations, or a free-for-all Pirate of the Skies, is completely up to you. But this is where you start your journey, whether working under a Lieutenant or Overseeing another Operative in need of guidance. Will become an official Lieutenant after 3 months RT.


Lieutenant - Now that you've learnt the ropes of being an Agent of the Black Sun, you are at the top of your game. You now only answer to Vigos and the top brass. Other than that, your free to corner your own little slice of the market and profit.


Vigo - Only way to become a Vigo is to be selected as one. There are a total of three lower Vigos and one higher Vigo. The three lower Vigos manage the Regions, separated into the Core, the Rim, and the Unknown Wilds, and answer to the legitimate face of the Black Sun, the Vigo of Operations.




Vigo of Operations - This the legitimate face of the Black Sun, the head Vigo who answers only to the Leader of the Black Sun. They are usually stationary aboard the Titan, rarely venturing out as the true purpose of the Titan is for Black Sun dealings.


VoO Headquarters: Titan 


Vigo of the Core - This Vigo controls the Core Worlds, include the Deep Core, Core, and Colony Worlds outward to the Rim Worlds.


VotC Headquarters: 


Vigo of the Rim - This Vigo controls the Rim worlds, including the Inner, Expanded Regiod, Mid, and  Outer Rim Worlds from the edges of the Core to the reaches of the Unknown and Wild regions of space.


VotR Headquarters: 


Vigo of the Unknown Wilds - This Vigo controls the Unknown and Wild regions of Space from the edges of the Rim to reaches of the Galaxy's edge.


VotUW Headquarters:


Classes and Operations


Smugglers - As a Smuggler, you are the initial Life Blood of the Black Sun. Whether smuggling goods from one planet to another or smuggling troops and/or slaves through faction territories, your job is to keep the flow of the the operations as smoothly as possible.


Hunters - As a Hunter, you are the initial Enforcement of the Black Sun. Despite usually delving into Bounties and occasional Assassinations, Hunters can also be used as guns for hire to other factions, solidifying temporary relations.


Pirate - As a Pirate, you are the initial Heart of the Black Sun. You are the terror of the skies and open space, usually meant to instill fear and terrorize those whom openly oppose the Black Sun. Whether through attacking enemy supply lines or terrorizing the competition and/or citizens who won't conform, your job is to ensure that opposing governments and corporations are compliant.


Duel Options


During a duel with an official PC or NPC of the oppositional side, you are given four options to execute depending on OOCly cooperation. Always offer these options OOCly before the start of a Duel.


Kill - If the writer of the PC and/or NPC chooses death or refuses to cooperate OOCly, then a win reverts to a Kill Situation and the three day rule applies without question.


Ransom - If the writer of the PC and/or NPC chooses the Ransom option, the three day rule applies but death is overlooked and the Black Sun acquires a hefty sum for the return of the PC and/or NPC.


Capture/Interrogation - If the writer of the PC and/or NPC chooses the Capture/Interrogation option, the three day rule applies, death is overlooked, and OOCly information is exchanged ICly before release at the end of the three days unless otherwise pre-plotted for additional interaction before release.


No-Matter Release/Informat Release - If the writer of the PC and/or NPC chooses either the No-Matter Release or Informant Release, the three day rule will apply depending on the OOCly agreement. If the No-Matter Release (also known as a walk away ending) is chosen, the PC and/or PC is instantly released via either pod or walking away, leaving the opponent severely wounded. If the Informant Release is chosen, then the three day rule is applied ICly to implement the cover of the capture before being released in semi-healthy form. This way the informant is released without suspicion, and able to continue on with their usual duties.


(For other character ideas, please refer to Darth Nyrys' BS world building guide located below) 



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