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Black Sun Recruiter

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The Setting

All across the Galaxy, war is raging on. The Galactic Alliance has all but tumbled after the fall of Coruscant. The Zinthos Empire and fabled Imperial Knights felt the Sith Imperial might at Kuat. And the Jedi self righteousness has face scrutiny after the slaughter of the Dark Sun Station and dealt the Black Sun a devastating blow. Only the Sith Empire remains strong amidst the crumbling backdrop that has became the Galaxy we live in, even as the Jedi, Zinthos Empire, and Galactic Alliance attempt to join forces and reclaim their stance.

Yet, there is still a spark of life left in the criminal underworld, whispers in the shadows echoing a rebirth of the Black Sun, forged from the flames of chaos and etched in the minds of the diabolical. Old Alliances became renewed, transgressions of the former war drawn era corrected, and the criminal underworld began to flourish once again even as the war between the Sith Empire and Rebel Alliance waged on.

Distracted, the underworldly economy was ripe for the taking. Career Smugglers, Slavers, Hunters, Pirates… all found a new freedom outside the Galactic war. Opportunities were abound. And this where the Black Sun reclaimed their ancestral rights as Kings. With such opportunities ripe for the picking, they struck, claiming all in one fell swoop.

Former Operatives and Agents from around the Galaxy would amass under the Black Sun banner once again, claiming territories and Markets as the flames swept across its map. Nothing was sacred and all was for the taking. With war, there was profit. And in the current Galaxy, it was abundant, lest someone grow too hungry for power.

The Rise

After the fall at Dark Sun Station, the Black Sun fell into disarray. Its military was absorbed into the Sith Empire under its former Commander, Delta, leaving Zalis Krales to pick up what remained. It was during this time that she met R3-M0, and together, began putting the pieces back together. She had the knowledge of old contacts, and R3-M0, more commonly known as Remo, had the workings of a calculated droid and a personality to match. Together they sought out not to just rebuild the Black Sun, but to ensure its existence for another ten thousand years. So began their journey together.

Zalis was a woman of wonder, seductive and cruel, capable of getting what she wanted with little effort. But she was made for the more luxurious life, not as the head of a Crime Syndicate. So as R3-M0 and her travels to rebuild carried on, she began to see the prospect of legitimizing herself and serving as a Corporate Face and someone with cold and calculated thoughts like R3-M0 being more fitted to better serve as leader. A win/win for the two, if you will, and consummating a symbiotic relationship between them. Through her ways of getting what she wants, and Remo's artificial nature, the Black Sun could truly rise from it's former ashes and return to the top of its purpose.

Are you ready to follow in their steps?

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