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Vox, the Wanderer

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Real Name: Vox

A.K.A: The Wanderer

Homeworld: Trandosha

Species: Trandoshan; Race is a mutated divergent known as the Nudono. 

Physical Description

Age: 30

Height: 8'8"

Weight: 425lbs.

Hair: Green and mud brown rough scales, 

Eyes: Green and yellow slits

Sex: Male


Clothing or Armor: Type-24 Pact Armor

As a secondary he wears garbed robes in blends of tans, khaki, and browns


Type-25 Carbine
Type-25 Grenade Launcher
Type-52 Pistol
Type-2 Antipersonnel Fragmentation Grenade
Type-12 Plasma Glaive


Common Inventory: 
Comlink- Communication Device (Long/Short Range)
 Jerky- Various meats
Shock Collars- For keeping those captive in line

Tracking Beacon

Two steel bottles of water

Tough rope


Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force Sensitive

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: The Pact

Current Faction Rank: While not considered a real faction, for now (until I properly introduce him into a faction) the Pact is ran by Vox as Chieftain.


Force Side: N/A

Trained by: N/A

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: Simple Intuition


Background: Born alongside his twin Atrinox, Vox is the son of the Chieftain Paradox and current leader of the Pact. Growing up as the chieftains son wasn't an easy life, as he had harsher training and deeper studies whereas Atrinox had it easy playing with other children and living the life. Paradox wanted to see the difference between a war born child and a common one. He knew he was to die eventually and wanted a worthy son to take his place. Through his practices, Vox learned multiple forms of combat and studied tactics, granted Atrinox came by it easily due to being the prodigy, the former always pushed and was far more confident in his ability. In combat practices, Vox always lost as Atrinox was simply smarter however he gloated and prided that he was better than Vox. In turn, this wounded the child's pride and began to create the self doubt he would have now. Later that year two new brother were introduced: Equinox and Chaox.


Then the day came when the trials into adulthood, to decide their roles as part of the clan began. Young adults, both excited and ready for their lives ahead, Vox, Equinox, Chaox and Atrinox were paired into a large group of initiates. As they trekked the long paths and treacherous wilderness, Atrinox took point as leader with Vox keeping guard at the back for wild animals. The group however was ambushed by Trandoshan slavers, some initiates already gunned down while others took cover. Using his quick thinking, Vox ambushed two adversaries from behind killing them with a carved knife. He used a blaster, from observation, and fired away before barking orders to regroup and hide. 


The entire group, with Vox behind, his into a deep cave. With his intuition speaking loudly in his mind, Vox was quick to formulate a plan and they set up traps in the few minutes they had. Once the slavers entered the cave, the counter strike commensed and the Invaders were quickly eradicated. With blasters in tow, the group divided into two: the ten of those who ran from battle back to the village and the five of those who stayed and fought. The returned had sore the news if Invaders and the warriors and Paradox rushed into help. However once they arrived the Invaders were all but defeated, Vox and his group, including his two younger brothers were victorious in killing the fifty slavers. As reward, the five who fought were immediately given ranks of Novice in the War Pack. Once his training completed, Vox, Equinox and Chaox served as Warriors of the tribe for ten years and gained high respect for their unwavering pride, sense of honor, and their acts of courage. Atrinox however made his reputation through being an influential advisor for Paradox. 


When Vox reached 25 however tragedy struck. Scouts at the edge of the territory spotted large force of Trandoshans en route to the village. Paradox had been struck with illness and Atrinox had taken place as temporary chieftain. However once news reached him he wanted peace negotiations instead of conflict. Vox made a valid argument that the foreigners were there to finish off the Nudono onve and for all. Still, Atrinox gave the strict order to lower all defenses and welcome thine neighbors. And the other twin, being War Pack, saw this as betrayal of the people. 


Vox rallied the people, those who were willing to fight in the clan and led a full scale assault on the Invaders. After nearly a month of savage conflict the Trandoshan force fled with dwindling numbers while the Nudono had little casualties. This didn't go unnoticed. Atrinox in white anger exiled Vox, and I doing so lost over 50% of the tribe. Taking any advanced weaponry they had, the exiled Nudono pack left. 


In an effort to escape Trandosha, Vox led his War Pack to a Trandoshan base and they hijacked a large freighter, just enough to fit their numbers in it. Once left the planet, Vox and his trusted brothers since then have sought a planet for their people to live on in peace. 

Ship Registration

Name: Storm Scurry

Class: Alannar N3 Light Freighter

Model: Light Freighter

Manufacturer: Galactic Empire (former)


Length: 12.9 Meters

Armaments: 2 Laser Cannons only at the front (can't be turned or maneuvered) and 1 Gatling Laser Cannon (on the top toward the middle-back)

Armor: Light

Anti-Personnel Defenses: A small auto laser turret at the front, just before the cockpit attached to the ceiling. 

Modifications: The engine was modified to help the ship fly faster however only by 20%. 




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