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My name is Vox, a Roleplayer who's been seeking a SW forum that felt "right." You'll find as SaucyPilgrim of the Discord.


So while I am new I have a question about the Trandoshans. Can there be a variant to the species? Like as in races, like how there are Caucasians, Africans, Latinos, etc. but with some physical differences as well?

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Welcome to one of the oldest continuous Star Wars Rp forum's! 


As far as your question, I don't think most alien species even humans consider themselves to have "races" as there is not a lot of division "intraspecielly" speaking. There are light and dark skin colored humans, and various colors of the spectrum within certain species. The closest to races are various clans on planets like the Mandalorians for example. Variations in physical appearance can happen, like a very short horned Zabrak, or a very short human... As far as what your permitted to play, check with the moderators if you aren't sure.

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