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Kal Bruadar's Character Sheet

Kal Bruadar

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Kal Bruadar's Character Sheet


Real Name: Kal Bruadar
A.K.A: Kal
Homeworld: Rudrig
Hometown: Little Falls
Species: Human


Physical Description
Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 170 lbs
Skin: Fair, Lightly Tanned
Hair: Dark Brown, Medium Length, Brushed Back with Mustache and Beard (Trimmed Short)
Eyes: Green
Sex: Male


Clothing or Armor:
Black Hooded Jacket
Khaki Cargo Vest
Light Grey V-Neck T-Shirt
Black Gloves
Dark Olive Green Cargo Pants
Black Belt
Black Hiking Boots
Sporting Blaster Rifle
Common Inventory:
Pocket Secretary (Datapad)
Personal Comlink


Faction Information
Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force Sensitive
Alignment: Good
Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Order
Current Faction Rank: Hopeful


Known Skills: (Skill Competency)
Expert Marksman
Expert Programmer
Natural Wayfinder
Talented Engineer
Competent Astrogator
Competent Climber
Competent Pilot
Competent Mechanic

Competent Swimmer
Amateur Medic
Amateur Survivalist
Fluent in Galactic Basic Standard

Fluent in Tionese
Adequate in Huttese
Limited Working Bocce

Limited Working Durese


Kal grew up in a small farming community. As a young lad he was fascinated by the wilderness and spent much of his time exploring. When he was 9 years old he became interested in computers and began writing computer programs. When he was old enough he joined the medical cadets, where he learned about emergency medicine and received wilderness survival training. However, in his teens his interest in technology expanded and he dropped out of cadets to spend more time pursuing his technology and programming interests. He still appreciates a beautiful view and a peaceful lake or river to swim in, but spends most of his time absorbed in a computer. Kal's father is a professional pilot and skilled mechanic who could fix anything. Kal learned much from him, but never enjoyed it the way his father does. For Kal piloting and mechanics were useful skills, but only a means, not the end goal. Kal is highly intelligent, enjoys learning and trying new things, and learns new skills quickly, provided he can practice them. Kal is also a natural introvert, finds social situations difficult, something he is trying to overcome. He was bullied as a child and consequently hates bullies and injustice, and finds it difficult to open up and trust new people. He's also very empathetic and compassionate, and in recent years has learned to overcome his anger. As a young man, Kal attended the University of Rudrig for 1 year, graduating at the top of his class in the accelerated engineering program. While overall a useful experience, his technology and programming skills were already more advanced than what was being taught, and he breezed through with newfound confidence. However, after graduating Kal was still unsure he wanted to devote his life to programming, despite loving it. He desired to see more of the galaxy and felt he was being inexplicably drawn somewhere...

Edited by Kal Bruadar
Added swimming skill and background.
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