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Sith Prestige


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A Story-Driven System of Reputation

Used by the Faction Leader.


The Sith Empire uses a framework of prestige to determine the value and notoriety of a character within the faction. Prestige is accumulated in more ways than one, and is OOCly configured based on IC participation. Characters that are involved in conquests, raids, tournaments, faction-progressing plots / missions, developmental role-plays, and specific world-building pieces can achieve a cumulative level of prestige within the Sith Empire. Such achievements and involvements can be attributed to the viability in a characters’ succession of rank within their faction, as well as how they are perceived within the dominion of the faction. This framework is RP driven, not stat-based.




  • "IRON" (ACOLYTE/Pre-Apprentice - GREENSKIN/Pre-Lieutenant) (Level I) 











Prestige levels and Reputation do not directly correlate. Levels are documented by the faction leader to better categorize the effectiveness of the PCs involved in his or her faction. Reputation is a culmination of involvements/accomplishments/contributions of a particular faction PC, as well as their continued activity in the RP.


Prestige levels are used to theorize the overall capabilities and skill of an individual within their respective faction rank (used as an estimation, not as fact). Reputation will deal with how familiar they are within the faction due to their exploits, and what is generally available to them based on how they are perceived. This will make it easier, narratively speaking, for characters to have control over their creations, and make use of faction resources with a bit more diligence and regulation from the faction leader. Role-play is key, and coordination between characters will lead to a more authentic experience. 








First Prestige

The narrative listed here generally governs what is possible for a character that has freshly acquired a new faction rank, inheriting a slight power spike from their previous faction rank. Although capable of holding their own in most combat situations against those of equivalent prestige, there are still limits to what they are capable of. Even though it is possible to operate with new abilities that are more suitable to this new equivalency of faction rank, first prestige generally lacks the experience to be masterful of the tools now inherited in their new rank. These individuals can represent the upper crust of the militants within the faction nonetheless, adepts who are able to quickly engage a target in front of them with sufficient speed and accuracy, they can overwhelm the average adversary or NPC without hesitation, but may be faced with lesser experience when engaged with multiple opponents at once, not displaying the same conviction in their new ranking.


Second Prestige

These are those who have commanded the reins of their rank and show that they are capable of impressive proficiency in combat and are able to manage their focus more accurately. After trials and tribulations geared towards honing body, mind, and soul (or lack thereof) these individuals have shown exemplary tenacity, and confidence in the capabilities that was previously reserved in the infancy of their distributed faction rank. This is the evolution of their role, and also the stepping stone to ascending them to a new level of prestige or a furtherance in the ranks of their faction.


Third Prestige

Some of the most powerful individuals in the galaxy, they are capable of manipulating the force or their bodies in the most masterful of ways. Dangerous in every sense of the word, these individuals are able to quickly engage with multiple opponents, even when surrounded, and are able to quickly turn on enemies in ways that seem to push the very limits of what is physically possible. Their reflexes have been attuned to the extreme and their speed and reactions develop accordingly. If it is the Force that they command, then their rule of it now wanders the realm of true mastery, ingenious in their applications of it. Force or not, these individuals can push the attack while brandishing a robust defense, even against numerous offensives. These are some of the most unparalleled wielders of their rank, vastly exceptional and sparsely found. Tread carefully around these, for the limits of what they can do are uncharted. 


Fourth Prestige

La crème de la crème, these individuals are supremely beyond compare. Seldom do you see them anywhere in the galaxy, unless they are at the head of the most powerful of factions. They are crowned masters of their mandate, and have chronicled an unquestionable legacy etched into the stones of their faction. Whether or not they can command the force, their sensory organs have mushroomed into near-perfection. They are an army all on their own, and should be feared as such. Either by physical ability, mental acuity, or a consummation of both, these individuals are divine by their very nature. They can withstand immeasurable punishment, while reciprocating that tenfold.  






1.1    Hated / Condemned
1.2    Hostile / Inhospitable
1.3    Unfriendly / Unfavorable
1.4    Neutral
1.5    Honored 
1.6    Revered 
1.7    Exalted 
1.8    Legendary



These characters are a dime a dozen, commonplace amidst the faction. The character is not a stand-out, no matter the narrative belief that they may have, or the regard in which they carry themselves. Their impact to the faction is smaller than minimal and it may be difficult for them to pool the necessary resources to accomplish personal quests of progression. This is where nearly every single character starts from within the faction, and as they continue to notch their accomplishments on their journey, they will notice that their influence and reputation will grow. 

These characters and their name (or alias) is a little more known inside of their faction, and perhaps shared in their inner circles. They have found their mark, and may hold a particular leadership role of some sort. Their involvement in faction-based orientations are present, and continue in a constructive manner. The ability to command and acquire resources opens up a bit more, and this is required of them in order to generate a foothold/powerbase within the faction (task forces, NPCs, planetary bastions, etc). Coordination is key, and will loan to the potency of a characters’ rise within the faction.



These characters are quite well-known. Their name and exploits are familiar to those in all factions, even though they may not be a household name on the galactic scale just yet. These characters are typically placed high in their organization's power structure and wield tremendous power and influence. These characters can lead sub-factions, rule single planets, and typically have enough notoriety to win meetings with important galactic figures, such as other planetary leaders or the leaders of other organizations. They will also find their efforts to do such things significantly easier (and shorter) than their lower-leveled counterparts.



These characters are famous. They are a household name throughout the galaxy and their exploits are known to just about everyone. Many are the leaders of their factions and are among the most powerful beings in the galaxy, either literally or through their political clout and wealth. These characters can lead entire factions, rule multiple worlds, and easily secure meetings with the galaxy's major players. Because of their notoriety, and often their power and influence, these characters also find it extraordinarily easy to complete most task and can do so much quicker than their lower-level counterparts.











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