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An aquatic species of sapient mammal cephalopod hybrids believed to have originated as the result of Sith alchemy. Possessing humanoid upper bodies and octopus like lower halves, the Xian’tii function best underwater, but possess the ability to switch between breathing air and using neck gills. Xian’tii skin comes in a variety of iridescent blue and purple tones, marked by bioluminescent patterns. 


Almost all Xian’tii are connected to a gestalt emotional awareness that shares and magnifies what would be considered Dark Side emotions, allowing Xian’tii to warn other Xian’tii with fear, rally them with anger, and call for aid with suffering. This awareness has a directional and spatial component, sort of like feeling ripples on the surface of a body of water. A metaphorical tiny pebble is harder to trace and travels a shorter distance than a cascade of giant boulders.


Xian’tii have an inherent aptitude for strategy and cunning, with much of their early survival as a species having been dependent on their ability to outthink and surprise predators. Culturally, the Xian’tii have no concept of the idea of a fair fight, instead prizing preparedness, maintaining the element of surprise, and finishing a conflict before the enemy knows it has started. This mentality, along with their gestalt emotional awareness, has led to the development of a unique warrior code that makes virtues of discipline, confidence in one’s abilities, perfectionism, and deception. Surety of success in any attack is key to avoiding a cascading fear reaction. To commit to a plan of action and be crippled by fear is considered to be a hellworthy trespass, and to doubt leaders in such a way demands a challenge of authority or exile for such shameful thoughts.


The Xian’tii are allied to the Sith, both on account of their likely origins and out of fear of a Jedi pogrom for their inherent Dark Side connection. The Sith are experimenting with integrating Xian’tii starship designs in their navy, with the intent to find a counter to the rebellion’s smaller, more agile ships.


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