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Alias Rules

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Alias Rules


  1. Players should avoid when possible exclusively interacting between their own aliases during peacetime. We understand that sometimes circumstances will make a player have to have multiple aliases in say the same meeting, but in regards to one on one interactions avoid self interaction as much as possible. The element of chaos that other players bring is important in making your character grow in unexpected ways, and player connections help build a more compelling universe.
  2. During fleet battles, each player chooses a side to determine task forces. Regardless of the number of aliases a player has, they are only counted once for the purpose of fleet command. Players can bring any number of aliases for PvP duels, but each participating player must have a duel lined up before players with multiple aliases can start to stack additional duels with other already engaged players. Players cannot duel themselves.
  3. If a player has reached knight/lord or equivalent status in a faction, subsequent aliases they make can skip the apprentice rank and start at knight/lord or equivalent status, or they can choose to self train rather than seeking a PC master. If the player makes this new character while they have another character still in the faction or are cycling from a prior character within the last three months, the new character must use one of these two options unless they have express consent from a master. This is to give new players priority for training and prevent training burnout.
  4. It is highly recommended that players that have been absent from the RP for a period exceeding two years start with a fresh alias on account of shifting power levels and board meta changes.
  5. Players can only hold one leadership position at any given time in the factions, regardless of the number of aliases they possess or the standing of those aliases within the factions. We want to make sure that older players, who tend to have both the connections and aliases to secure multiple positions don’t unintentionally gate off political advancement for other players in a faction, or have to compartmentalize their player knowledge due to holding commands in opposing factions.
  6. While we have relaxed rules on using multiple aliases, we would like to add that using multiple aliases in tandem to achieve your goals through unnatural cooperation is frowned upon and subject to mod review.
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