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World Conquest Guidelines (Sith Empire)


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Simplified Guideline


"With our Sith Empire on the rise as supreme rulers of the galactic body, the remnants of the disjointed Galactic Alliance need to be washed to the wayside. The Jedi and the spark of their rebellion are parasitic by their very nature, and must be extinguished. Paramount to such trivialities however, we must be clever in how we root ourselves as seeds anew in this galaxy. Many planets will be subject to the sight of their skies alight with the flame of war, reeling with terror as the broken skeletons of mammoth war-ships come crashing down from the black of orbit. We will march the surfaces of their worlds to the drums of our notorious Walkers, none would dare stand in our way. There will be no metropolis too high, or wasteland too low, to escape our thirst. We will drink from the sour bones of the weak, from these absent alliances that continue to conveniently shy from their duty to protect. We will build something far greater, and this Empire will see to it by the skin of our hands."  



World Conquests are extensive campaigns that take place within our RP, and on occasion, from an OOC standpoint. These events are generally established after a culmination of world-building and in-character preparation is involved. The faction leader will remain as the head of the snake, and may employ the overall tact and skill-sets of various PCs / NPCs to participate in the event. These conquests can only be launched against NPC-controlled planets, and will be subject to the full inclusion of a Hazard Zones’ threat, and possibly the moderation of various RP staff. 


These conquests will be partitioned into several tiers, all of which will have their own objectives, separate from the Hazard Prompts that may or may not already be present. This would mean that the difficulties of each objective may increase tenfold, depending on the conquest in question. The sophistication of the planetary lore, and governing military/political establishment, will usually dictate how challenging the conquest will need to be written to appease the world-building nature of the event. You can fail these objectives on a whim, and the faction leader will determine success or failure of a conquest based on IC performances. 




Most planets endorsed by a major faction, whether currently or previously, will offer a bevy of orbital defenses for the conquerors to wade through. The first phase of a conquest is to deteriorate the defenses that present themselves, paying careful attention to the current state of the planet in question. Belts of asteroids and debris from a previous battle must be taken into account, dangers that were never once accounted for, can realistically present themselves if the conditions make sense for them to. Planetary shields, mine-fields, rogue task forces and many more options are ripe for exercising, these type of flavors should be engaged to supplement the intensity of a conquest. 


For the Sith Empire, it is quite simple; we must establish a staging point for our unwieldy offensive. This can be at a marked rendezvous point, a mock bastion setup on a nearby moon, or as simple as the Faction Flagship. This area will be noted as a Faction Checkpoint, and will be the cornerstone of our orbital operations. The faction leader will track the strategies employed by the members of the faction, as well as their performances before rendering the ability to progress further. If Hazard Zones are in effect, the faction must be able to adapt to the prompts as well as the realism of their forward progress. Faction members will be able to employ all resources accessible to them to achieve success, at the discretion of the faction leader. 





With Orbital Dominion achieved, the planet is now vulnerable to the wrath of the conquerors. The Sith Empire may make use of their entire military weight, freely dispatching shuttles, transports and other heavy automaton across the surface of the planet. Strike plans may include military compounds, makeshift fortifications, and smaller chokepoints to ensure that priority targets are within reach. Imagination remains King here, fleet task forces govern the skies, but the strategies of the ground game are boundless. Depending on present Hazards, expect the casualties of war to significantly rise. Depending on the summaries of the previous phase, the invading force will have varying levels of effectiveness. Expect to face off against the hazards of the environment, enemy reinforcements, impregnable fortresses and a slew of other challenges. 




Maul the opposition. Motives will be centralized around strike teams in order to capture or eliminate presented objectives. If the world has or had a heavier militant presence, the narrative can be driven to demolish command posts that are NPC controlled. Less sophisticated worlds may be overrun with creatures and a lawlessness that would attempt to blitzkrieg the invading force at a whim. Political presences can be dealt with in capture and ransoms, while resource-dominated planets can be wiped of the established colony and supplanted with those that the conquerors provide. Ingenuity goes a long way, especially when the planet isn’t complemented with a Hazard Zone. 



In spite of the offensive advances, defensive measures should also be considered. New faction checkpoints would heavily be considered to open up coordination across the ground game. Procuring defensive measures across bases, cities, and other vital establishments would be essential in order to operate in zones that are not breathable, reinforceable by enemy forces, and/or is drowned in climate akin to force storms. Evacuation of civilians can play in part to political advantage, and their conscription into a labor force may be on the table. Exploiting the narrative, and controlling the how the population of the planet views the faction, will loan itself to a more cooperative takeover. The style of these defensive approaches may be better suited for the less aggressive characters involved, and will help to build the infrastructure for a healthier conquest.




Similar to the defensive approach, there are other angles that can provide an outlet for those who cannot actively engage themselves in the thick of battle. Media relations or outlets that actually describe the events that are taking place; citizen reactions to the sudden swell of violence and war spreading across their planet, or even the nature in which they are being liberated. Characters who are not active-combatants can be involved in the facilitation of an improvised hospice for the men, women and children in war torn areas. Heavy Artillery Crews (Walkers and Tanks) on patrol, or even the engineers working to maintain order on their crafts. There are thousands of ways to involve yourselves and create space to immerse yourself in our Star Wars universe.





In this final phase, the sentinels of the world, whoever or whatever they may be, entrench themselves here. Wherever this is, and whatever it is decided to be, will harbor the hardest challenges and worst chances of success. This is where the conquerors will fight tooth and nail, to pry an authority from the fingers of the old, defining a staging point to command the planet whole. The final stand is here, and each and every one, no matter the rank, will experience a difficulty that pushes their characters to the next level. This is by far the bloodiest tier within the Conquest, and can shift the paradigm of the planet. Progress to this point, will be charted by the faction leader, and used to consider the success of the individuals involved. Considering Hazard Zone successes and failures, along with individual performances rooted in the needs for the faction to triumph, the faction leader will move forward and attempt to end the narrative here. Even if it is Staff’s decision that a success is viable here, failure of this operation can still be shelled out from the faction leader to support the reality of the actions in this conquest. 


Characters driving the offensive, defensive, and even the elements outside of that, will face an even greater challenge as they fight against the opposing forces of man and nature. The zenith of this will find them ranking up in tiers, before ending their conquest collectively in a final push. Once all is said and done, and the merits of their performances are accounted for, the world before them will be much different than before they had arrived.






(These are just guidelines that can be followed by those of the Sith Empire, Faction Leader will typically take lead on these, and mod enforcement is not necessary)

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