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Coruscant - Galactic Throne


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Azael chuckled- The woman hadn't been caught completely off guard at least. Not great for her current predicament, but a great sign for a prospective recruit. But she wasn't ready to drop the ruse just yet- First she had to confirm that this was the thief, not just some hired guard. She turned slowly as to not spook the speaker, resting her hands on her hips- close to her shock charges, just in case, but she wasn't ready to throw down just yet. Not unless things got dangerous.


"Oh I don't think business hours apply to me any more than they apply to you. Interesting security system- Lots of safeguards. I'm gonna guess that I missed one- Motion sensor? Camera I didn't see? Or just bad luck?"


She glanced around- She didn't see any signs of other people, but she didn't know if there were more people coming up from where the woman had materialized. Definitely from the basement. Luckily, if this was a hired guard she didn't think she was in any real trouble. She didn't look it, but she was a veteran of two wars, one as a child, and another as a disavowed operative. Getting around people was easy. Worst case scenario she disabled the woman with the shock charge and knocked her out.


"The hidden door is a nice touch- did you think of that yourself or did it come that way?"


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