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Hazard Zones


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Hazard Zones




Why? How do we present exceptionally hazardous planets that our writers can farm scarce resources or experiences from, without over-consumption abuse or the blatant minimizing of the desired threat that the location is supposed to present? Hazard Zones is the answer. Surviving a Hazard Zone will allow the character to accumulate survival experiences, unique character development, and rewards based on the fruit that the hazard zone is known to bear. 


What? When a player is in a hazard zone, the moderators will provide them with writing prompts and then judge your posts in a similar fashion to our combat duel curriculum. Did you give the environmental threat enough weight through written interactions? Did you effectively enact a means to survive it, and react realistically to the challenges provided? If yes, you live. If not, you run the risk of death.



Each Hazard Zone will be prescribed with a certain level of risk, which will be summarized briefly from an out-of-character standpoint on the first page of the RP thread. Moderators will draw on customizable difficulty prompts to challenge the PC/NPC during their endeavor. Hazard Zones can be neutralized into a non-hazard zone if the criterion lists it as an option, but these are time-sensitive events that aren't always available. Enter at your own risk. 


The Prompt System is where we provide the characters inside of a hazard zone with writing prompts that are threatening in nature and difficulty to those same characters. How these characters handle these prompts, will be judged and ruled in terms of how well they acknowledged and overcame what was presented to the character. If a PC or Group survives an (x) number of posts, they can successfully complete their endeavors within the hazard zone and leave. Moderate mode will have (3) unique prompts, Hard will carry (6), and Extreme will carry (9).


Players will attach their own reward to why they're entering the zone, whether instructed or of free-will, and take their chances against the system. This is where the brief Prompt System will be partnered with a Three Strike Rule. When the Moderator posts their prompt, they give a tangible challenge to overcome (whether it be an attack orchestrated by NPCs, a hazardous environmental condition, or another occurrence that requires immediate attention). With every successive post, the number of challenges they may have to face can incrementally rise. If a Moderator determines that a challenge wasn't overcome in a feasible manner, or one was otherwise ignored (the challenges will be made clear via formatting), then that's a strike. A character will have an allotted maximum number of strikes against them per post, and on three strikes, they may die or suffer egregious injuries depending on the nature of the prompts.


- The Difficulty of the Hazard Zone will determine the number of strikes it will take to fail; Moderate (3), Hard (2), Extreme (1). 





Hazard Zones: There are lots of great hazards to throw at characters when they are exploring and traveling through an environment as harsh as what some of the planets we’ve included in our universe are actually supposed to be. If used accurately, we can create some memorable ways to remind all players involved, just how deadly these environments can be.




Hazard Criterion


Type: Neutralized / Undomesticated

Difficulty: Moderate / Hard / Extreme

Possible Hazards: (Environmental, Species, NPCs)


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