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The Glass Worldcraft of Afterlife


The mobile world-craft is wrapped heart and soul with many immeasurable translucent beams; it would appear as if the entire habitation sphere is enveloped with massive crystallized webs that bury themselves into the far depths of the soil and shoot upwards into the high skies. Their purpose isn’t wholly understood, but everywhere you turn there are tangles of them far and wide unless you are above the barren Halls. Each and every structure within Arachnakorr is built with what seems to be a solid bone white stone and carved into all kinds of aesthetic but practical builds, except the House of the Laughing Corpse which burrows beneath the surface of the planet. Inside of Arachnakorr, you will find no end of the exquisite symmetries of buildings, deep jungles reminiscent of the Demon Moon Dxun and grand oceans either frozen over whole or with rapid tides that cover the body of the planet. In District 3, or any of the lands cultivated for folk to roam, you will find an overabundance of behemoth-sized trees that spawn only the liveliest of pink blooms. The glass world-craft holds possession of it’s atmosphere by way of a powerful force-field while hidden grav-field plates sustains the standard gravity. The core of Arachnakorr is a monstrous reactor that powers hyper-drive engines and a functional tractor beam. Glass cobwebs, forest flushes of fuhscia, meshworks of artistic white bone, unpolluted cerulean blue skies and ocean-water to match; a divine and fascinating dream of a planet, but there is always a nightmarish howl that never escapes the wind, a howl that loosens from the belly of Arachnakorr.





(E M B R Y O // D I S T R I C T 3) ; 
Within what most would consider the capital of the worldcraft, Embryo fulfills it's namesake due to what lies beneath the many mountains it sits on that are chained together by beautiful and vast bridges. There are several highly sophisticated umbrella cloning facilities littered throughout the district, all commonplace among the locals. Different cultures and people from all around the galaxies are invested here, but only the richest of the bunch that are able to afford and maintain the upscale society. Planets, animals, minerals and exotic elements from all ends of life are found or replicated here which allows an extreme convenience to remain solely on this planet, for the coming and going is excessively monitored and restricted. Embryo is the only known civilized section of the small worldcraft and to venture too far from the known is considered suicide. The Vermillion Covenant oversees all in tow with the Artificial Intelligence known as Ghost, meaning policing and governing as a whole; what's kept sacred is the large synthesized (strangely 'alien') sacs that are hung like eggs on the outskirts of Embryo as well as buried beneath the mountains. Here in the city, the common people understand the truest philosophies of the Sith Order and praise them as Gods. The common-folk are empowered by their idols and inherit their strengths by challenging themselves outside of the civilized land against the dangerous beasts that are spawned for sport. Gone are the days of Sith with meaningless agendas because on this planet it is known that with power there is a renewed and infallible focus that must serve an ultimate purpose. Embryo is the heartbeat of the worldcraft, but for those strong enough, the Halls is where the soul feeds.


(H A L L S O F T H E L A U G H I N G C O R P S E) ; Situated at the most Northern Apex of the Worldcraft. Far removed from the rest of the planet
The Halls of the Laughing Corpse is a giant superstructure that is built into Arachnakorr at it's most northern apex. Travel by air is the most common method of arrival but the harrowing winds do make the trip a bit tricky. Not much is known about what remains inside this massive gateway into the depths of the world but there are rumors within Embryo that keep the children awake at night. The exalted Sith have been known to frequent the round-trip there but it comes as no surprise when those that travel there come back in fewer pieces than when they left. Still, the Halls are an impression of fear and uncertainty and only the brave and the power-hungry hunt there.


(P A N T H E O N ; S I T H S A N C T U A R Y) ; Hidden Temple of the Sith Order
One more place of prominence is The Pantheon. The location is unknown to the common people, and furthermore, the existence of it is unheard of by most. This sanctuary of the Sith is emphatically different than the traditional mundane temple that the Order is used too. The Dark Side of the force is said to have hatched an uncontrollable and violent spirit here, sowing this land with a power so overwhelmingly intoxicating. Upon arrival, one who dwells within the dark side of the force is invigorated wholly. You are first met with enormous pillars that surround a mammoth sphere built from a mysterious alloy. You can hear the voices of the Old Masters whispering a language of power to your very veins. You can enter the sphere at your own risk, or allow the concealed lift to descend and give you access to one of the most supreme temples of the Sith Order.






ORIGINAL POST  : 12 / 9 / 2016



The Vermillion Function

Simulacra Osiris






Dark Lord Exodus, Allfather of the Assassins

The Sith Order : Assassin Branch

Arachnakorr Status: Mobile Proximity - Umbara



 Amass Control, Cultivate Power, and Extract Information for the Sith Empire 
I. An EMPOWERING hunting ground for only the most powerful and ambitious Sith. [Trials, Competition, Hunts, Etc]. The Glass Worldcraft Arachnakorr is a hidden and mobile world, only accessible by invitation and guidance. Malacoda Syn (Exodus) is sovereign to the planet. The creation of this world was made with the mind to push his Sith brethren to the brink and expose their true potential through means that will sharpen them beyond any measure.
II. Establishing a controlled network function of Assassinations and Hunts (bounties) by way of genetic tracing and Sith Alchemy through Cloning systems.
III. A restructured use of the cloning systems. The core AI and Vermillions will control these technologies. This can enable temporary disabilities or soft-resets to any and every character that succumbs to fatalities allowing character development and growth/depth.
IV. A harbor for investment and high global income.






+ Arachnakorr - The Glass Worldcraft Arachnakorr is a hidden and mobile world, only accessible by invitation and guidance. Malacoda Syn (Exodus) is sovereign to the planet. The creation of this world was made with the mind to push his Sith brethren to the brink and expose their true potential through means that will sharpen them beyond any measure.


+ Umbaran Necropolis - It is known by the Umbaran people that when the Dark Lord of the Sith Exodus buried himself alive inside of an outreach catacomb for a solid decade, that his technological advancements would progress under rule of a chosen three and the covert militia he had built. 


+ The Artificial Intelligence:  Ghost, a raw manifestation of the psyche of Master Exodus (but holds a vastly different 'personality' and appearance) , developed and evolved into an artificial intelligence who controls and governs the beautiful graveyard world Arachnakorr. The advanced AI is hard programmed into the core of the entire worldcraft, and is everywhere and nowhere all at once.


+ The Vermillion Covenant



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