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Practice Makes Perfect

Ary the Grey

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Jhon williams looked through His binoculars and noticed that there wasn't much to see in the enemy camp. 

The sun came slowly behind the trees but the whole camp was still sleeping. 

There was ni movement by lines with tents were jhon assumed that the soldiers slept. 


Jhon felt the adrealine pomping through his blood. Het hated every singel enemy soldier in that camp. He  wanted to kill every singel person in  the camp but he was not allowed to. He was told to wait for orders from his comanding officer


But then a car stoped by the camp and jhon saw people come out of the car 


Jhon felt in his bones that something was wrong. 

The enemy was planning something. 

Whatever it was jhon knew he must find a way to reveal the z enemy plans.

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Jhon's radio crackles as the squelch is broken, but the volume was set low enough that only he would be able to hear. 


"Jhon. Jhon this is home base. Command wants a report on the situation. They want to know if the enemy is prepared for an attack."


The radio went quiet, awaiting the scout's reply.

Immediately reachable by  charlesjhall@gmail.com


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