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FaceMe Simchats Primer and FAQ

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FaceMe Simchats Primer and FAQ


Welcome to the FaceMe Simchats forum! This short Primer/FAQ will explain the purpose of the forum as it relates to our roleplay.


What is this forum?


This forum is a place where members can engage in lengthy holonet meetings outside of the typical hustle and bustle of the main roleplay. In the past, such meetings could take a very long time to finish, rising exponentially with the number of people involved. Sometimes those meetings were even crashed by opportunistic enemies, further delaying the outcome. As such, we have created this forum as a sort of safe space where the meetings or any other holonet communications can be held, outside of the typical flow of the main roleplay forum.


How does it work?


Your character may participate in these meetings as if they were here, as well as post in the main roleplay as if they weren't. At the conclusion of the meeting here, all participants will acknowledge in the main roleplay forum that the meeting occurred, and any experiences or outcomes then become IC canon with the main roleplay. Topics that are finished will be locked, if the same group wishes to have another meeting, they can make another topic.


For now, your character may only participate in one meeting at a time, this is to prevent unnecessary headache when 'merging' the meeting canon with the IC canon. For example, if several meetings were to conclude at the same time, things would get confusing fast. Need further explanation? Please reach out to a roleplay Moderator, and we will do our best to further simplify things.

Immediately reachable by  charlesjhall@gmail.com


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