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Ary the Grey

Media Channels Primer and FAQ

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Media Channels Primer and FAQ


Welcome to the Media Channels forum! This short Primer/FAQ will explain the purpose of the forum as it relates to our roleplay.


What is this forum?


Sometimes it's fun to add a little spice and random world building backstory to our galaxy. Other times it is beneficial to make your faction look good via propaganda campaigns or through public statements. This forum is a place for all news broadcast-type topics to go. While we used to have a single topic in the main roleplay forum for these, they never got the headline-grabbing attention they deserved, so we decided to give them their own forum.


How does it work?


Any roleplay member may post a topic here, and the topics (and posts therein) are considered part of a news or other media broadcast available to the public via the holonet. Any character in the main roleplay forum can generally see these news broadcasts regardless of location, the rare exception being they do not have the technology to do so and are in a remote location devoid of said technology.


For media broadcasts that refer to factions, anything may be said as long as it is not designed to be deliberately offensive or ruffle feathers OOC by negatively calling out specific PCs. Even lies can be spun as propaganda, and sometimes misinformation can be a powerful tool! Just be careful to not paint a target on your back...

Immediately reachable by  charlesjhall@gmail.com


Reclaimer of the lost...

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