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Darknet Battle Channels Rules and FAQ

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Darknet Battle Channels Rules and FAQ


Welcome to the Darknet Battles forum, formerly the Battle Simulator. There have been some changes, so let's briefly cover how this forum works! 


What is this forum?


This forum is a place for roleplay members to come and play almost any character in any combat scenario they wish. Anyone with access to the RP may post new topics here, either for a prearranged battle or as an open invite to whomever takes the offer. The caveat to all this: these battles are considered IC simulations played over the holonet, kind of like a game within a game. 


How does it work?


It works just like normal battles in the main roleplay, typically following the dueling rules for that forum. However, as long as they agree, the participants have complete control to ignore or add new rules as they please. Battles also do not need to be judged by a roleplay Moderator, while they certainly can, any roleplay member can be designated as the judge if the participants agree. If an agreement cannot be reached, though, the rules default back to the ones listed and a roleplay Moderator will be called in to play referee.


Please treat these topics as if they were normal roleplay threads by keeping OOC posts and comments in relevant OOC forums. All characters participating in battles here need a character sheet, and if the equipment you use here is different from an existing sheet, please make a temporary one or update the current sheet. Expect the topic to be locked at the conclusion of the battle.


If someone wishes to use another person's character for a battle here, please obtain permission from the owner prior to posting. As for everything else, it's fair game! Dive in and have fun!

Edited by Ary the Grey

Immediately reachable by  charlesjhall@gmail.com


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