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Faction Recruiting Primer and FAQ

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Faction Recruiting Primer and FAQ


This topic will cover some of the basic questions newer members might have about the roleplay factions, what they are, how they operate, why it is beneficial to join one, and finding a proper match for a character.


What are Factions?


Factions are, quite simply, a group of characters that represent a larger organization within the roleplay. A good example would be the Jedi and Sith Orders. In our game, we refer to these organizations as factions for the purposes of rules. Other factions can include almost any organization, canon or not, but there are typically always a 'good' and an 'evil' faction for both Force Users (FUs) and Non Force Users (NFUs), for a total of four main factions.


The Jedi and Sith typically represent the FU factions, while there have been various incarnations of the Empire and Rebellion/Alliance in our game. Sometimes the Empire and Sith have been under the umbrella of the same faction, sometimes there are multiple FU factions, and there are almost always several other NFU factions besides the main four.


New members should look into the recruiting topic for each faction in which they are interested, or reach out to the relevant faction leader(s) on our Discord server to better understand what the faction currently stands for. For example, at the time of writing, there is currently an Imperial Remnant faction that leans more lawful good than lawful evil on the alignment chart. 


How can Factions benefit me?


Especially for newer members, it is strongly encouraged that characters join a faction. The benefits are numerous, as faction members typically have much easier access to resources like ships and weapons immediately, though the faction leader does have final say over any resources used or given. Usually, if a character starts without a ship or decent loadout, they will be provided with decent gear.


Factions also provide easy networking for character training or simply finding a partner to write with. Most faction leaders have a vested interest in keeping their members engaged and entertained, and almost always have something going on to help cater to faction member needs. These plots often provide opportunities for combat, character development, or even finding rare items.


Factions also tend to be rather secretive with some of their operations, so for a newer member who doesn't belong to one, it can be difficult to gain trust as a freelancer when turning traitor is a real possibility. While we have rules in place to protect people from potential abuse in such situations, there is still a good deal of sensitive information that helps keep factions running and competitive.


Can I make my own Faction?


You can! However, for a newer member seeking this option, it's rather unlikely for it to happen. Firstly, it takes five members to create a faction, and aliases within the same faction do not count. Don't expect to make five accounts and have it be kosher, the whole point is for people to work together. Then, the roleplay Mods have final say on creation of any new factions. This determination is made on several different metrics like whether or not the faction would fill a wanted role in the roleplay or even whether they think the faction leader has enough experience and know-how to successfully run the faction. After that though, it all falls on the shoulders of the faction leader, as they can make any call regarding use of faction assets, as well as promotions/demotions.


Further information on specific requirements for starting a faction can be found in section 5 of the Rules for Roleplaying.


Which Faction is right for me?


That's a question that is hard to answer. At the end of the day, it boils down simply to whichever one you wish to join, however faction leaders can also deny membership to the faction. For example, if a Sith wanted to join the Jedi but generally remain a dark side practitioner. These cases are few and far between, though, and in the very rare event you are denied membership, the faction leader should explain why. Otherwise, it is mostly common sense: does your character's values align with the values of the faction? If so, go for it!


Remember, you can always change factions later, though there is sometimes a penalty for doing so. A Jedi Master wishing to fall to the dark side will not automatically be a Sith Master, they will need to train back through the ranks. The NFU rank system is a bit more forgiving, however. At the end of the day, whatever you're comfortable with is usually the best fit.

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