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Are there any limitations on weapons, tech, or materials?

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Personal Scale




-Only PCs OR one person of their accompanying retinue can carry ysalamir.

-Anyone carrying a ysalamiri must account for the bulk and weight of an adult, full sized version of the creature, and it must be properly situated on a nutrient frame, no more lizard in a lunchbox antics.

-Constructs and amulets can function internally at reduced capacity for one post in range, then go to barely functional. They lose any external functions immediately. Reanimants treat ysalamir like vampires treat crosses, they keep them at bay but do not destroy them.

Factions have a yearly cap of ten ysalamir that they can harvest/maintain at one time. If those ten are lost in battle before the year’s end, the faction will have to cope without. Ysalamir cannot be stolen by another faction as a work around, and new factions will start with their full allotment at faction creation (Creating new factions as a workaround to running out of ysalamir will not be tolerated). Faction leaders have final say on ysalamir use. Factions can lend out ysalamir to freelancers, but not other factions.




Due to varying examples in canon, we have decided that Cortosis will work the following way on our board:

- Cortosis Alloy(s), as seen in KoToR, functions as expected, it is lightsaber resistant and suitable for making vibroblades and similar weapons from to properly defend against lightsabers.

-Raw/Pure/Refined Cortosis, or basically any iteration of the material not mixed in an alloy, significantly drains the power from a lightsaber with each hit. Lightsabers retain the ability to block, almost like in a training setting, but immediately lose the energy necessary to cut through materials. This can be fixed by simply power cycling the lightsaber (turning it off and on). Several hits and the RPer should consider having to swap out the lightsaber's power cell for realism's sake. This kind of cortosis is prohibited from being used in weapons/bullets/any offensive capacity designed to automatically imply deactivation/power reduction of a lightsaber in a chain effect to subvert another RPer's agency to react. Basically, don't use it in weapons.




-While it's reasonable to believe that anyone can acquire beskar with enough money and connections, the secrets to properly forging the material remain a well guarded Mandalorian secret. As such, Mandalorian iron armor is largely limited to members of this elite warrior culture, and their closest allies.


Sith Steel and other Sith alchemies


-A specialty once monopolized by the Krath, the warriors of the Sith are now the primary producers of this alloy, using it in their arms and armor.

-NFUs can wear and use items of these materials, but it doesn't give them any benefit, unless you consider spiritual cancer a benefit.

-Jedi can wear and use items of these materials, and gain their benefits, but doing so usually means they won't be Jedi for long.




Mechanically, totally legal. In character, SUPER illegal. Role play accordingly.


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