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New Member Quick Start Guide (READ THIS FIRST!)

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Welcome to JediRP!


However you managed to find us, we're glad you're here and we're eager to start writing with you! Hopefully this topic is one of the first things you read when you arrived, and if so, great! Follow along with the steps below and you'll be roleplaying like a pro with us in no time at all.


Step 1 - Registration


If you haven't yet created an account with us, you can usually find the registration link in the top menu of any page, though it might be on the left or right side depending on what kind of device you're viewing the site on. Typically it's at the top left for computers, under the logo, while on mobile devices it's in the menu at the top right. If this is your first account, feel free to name it whatever you like as long as it's not offensive. Most people prefer to name accounts after the characters they represent, as we only allow one character per account here. And don't worry! You can make more accounts!


Step 2 - Rules


After you're registered, please take a few minutes and click the following two links to carefully read the JediRP Site Rules and (assuming you're here to roleplay with us) the Roleplaying Rules. The first one is a quick read, and the second one has a lot of important details that can be crucial to interacting with others on our roleplaying forums.


Step 3 - Character Creation


Once you've read the rules, head on over to the Character Databank forum and read the Character Templates and Tutorial topic, which will guide you though the proper steps to fill out and post your own character sheets to the forum. You'll need to start a new topic in the forum, and please put your character's name in the title of the topic so others can easily find it and reference it.


Lastly, it is strongly recommended that you add the link to your character sheet to your post signatures, so copy your topic URL and in the top menu go to Account Settings, then Signature, and either paste the raw URL, or use the link tool (qerf1q2f3.PNG.065b5893abc324d87b895a94a1130774.PNG) to link the URL to text of your choosing. Later on when you get art for your signature, if you so choose, the image options will allow you to link the image itself. If you link an image in this manner, clicking on it will take you to your character sheet, which is the most common and convenient option.


Step 4 - Finding Others to Write With


Once you have completed step 3, it will take up to 24 hours for a Roleplay Moderator to review and approve your sheet, potentially longer if there are issues and you didn't read the creation rules carefully. If you want to accelerate this process a bit, you can always jump on the site's Discord Server, an instant messaging and voice chat service our community uses for quick communication between members. Simply tag the RP Moderators group (use @ to tag), let us know you're here, and we'll work quickly to ensure you're up and running as soon as possible, usually within an hour or so. The server itself is a great resource for reaching out to people and asking questions to those online, and many of our members and site staff have the phone app, so we get notifications immediately.


When it comes to the roleplay itself, there are several groups known as Factions that you can join to not only quickly connect your character with others, but also obtain resources and training critical to early character development. The Faction Recruiting forum is a location on the site that is dedicated to helping people find an active faction that is right for them. Keep in mind, Faction Leaders control all aspects of the faction, to include membership and use/dispensation of resources (think weapons, NPC troops, or even ships), so if you're not sure about something directly relating to a faction it's always best to ask them.


Step 5 (Optional) - Other Resources


This site has been around since 1999, and as such has a LOT of content that has been written, re-written, archived, brought back, and otherwise changed over the years. The RP itself was not the original focus of the site, though due to low traffic in recent years it has become the main reason the remaining members have stayed, and as such practically the entire community is here to roleplay and make friends. The below linked resources can help you learn about the history of our RP and other relevant topics. We'd also like to thank you for taking the time to read this topic, so if you message one of our RP Mods with the code "JEDIRPNEWBIE," and we'll happily work with you to make a unique plot or something cool in the creations forum for your character to help you get started in the wide galaxy that we all call home!


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