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[Lore] House Vhassaar

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House Vhassaar are a part of an ethnic group that virtually only exists in the territory of Athelport, and of exceptionally small populations outside of Slando. These people are known as the 'Waystriders', and they possess far distinct roots from the majority of the people of Savareen. These people originally came from off-world and left as a result of a large dispute between them and the growing number of raiders and pirates that began to settle and dispute within their own lands. The Waystriders were peaceful and sought trade and the innovation of agriculture, while the other natives did not necessarily seek the same.

As a result, they were ostracized and removed forcefully from their world, and threatened with genocide. And so they left for Savareen, a planet that was generally open and vastly uncultivated at that time. They believed that if they could demonstrate hard work and their skilled roots in trade, agriculture and coastal sailing, they would be respected and given credence. Of course, this did not happen easily, and they were rejected and exiled from settlement to settlement until eventually they wound up in the capital Slando.

The Waystriders then came to the Duke in the thousands and beseeched that he allow them a place to live in the country. They offered anything that a loyal people would - taxes, levy during wartime, and eternal faithfulness. A shrewd negotiator, Aurion Vhassaar, rose above the rest of them in his ability to convince the Duke. He developed a friendship with the man and found himself in his good graces, and as a result, he was named Lord Vhassaar of Athelport, a rich coastal city to the West of the Capital. From this point on, the Waystriders reigned in Athelport, the Vhassaar at their helm.

The family itself has seen much history since they settled within Athelport. From very early on, they established their city as a major trade port within Savareen. From this point on, they would change the face of the Vhassaar people, keeping them modernized and putting them on the path of innovation and ultimately high success within all the coasts. The innovations, reforms and projects patroned by the Vhassaar are arguably the primary reason the Savarian Waystriders have survived as a people for so many years, despite being targeted and marginalized many times in their history.



ATHELPORT is one of the most notable cities in SAVAREEN. In terms of architecture it is exceptional, absolutely enchanting. The city's docks rest within a gigantic red-colored complex known as the REDWELL, which hosts what is essentially a revolutionary market complex. The complex has many floors and many shops, whether situated along its vast quantity of large balconies or within the building. Many aspiring artists, inventors, musicians, etc will also advertise themselves on the balconies of the REDWELL, seeking patrons for their ideas. It is a very efficient system in creating a superior marketplace of ideas and wealth.

The city itself is vast and populous and full of brilliant minds. ATHELPORT possesses a naval academy and an artist's academy that has birthed culture and ideas throughout the region. Furthermore, within the city and directly underneath the Vhassaar there are several noble families that act as patrons of the arts and fund theologians and artists alike. ATHELPORT exists as a renaissance mind in SAVAREEN, with a city-state attitude. The people do not yield to anything but wisdom, and only the wisest and most intellectual minds find true prominence in this city.

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