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[Location] Dragon Gate, Onderon.


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Name: Dragon Gate
Location: Edge of Iziz City, Onderon
Affiliation: Sith Empire


Monumentally nestled, or rather, carved into the vestiges of rock that border the walled city, the Gate is a large and dominating stronghold meant to display strength and defiance. As such, great lengths have gone into providing the garrison with a large infrastructure to ensure prolonged success in the contention between what is within the walls and the danger that remains outside of them. Consequently, there is a large and growing military population, but also a civilian component that has begun to crop up due to a large amount of fleeing refugees from other settlements. The general demographics of the garrison represent the greater area of the Iziz region and its population.. One statistical oddity to this is the large saturation of force-enabled  practitioners within the Garrison, due in part to the Sith Empire rallying their assignments to this planet.


The Drexl Gate is not a self-sustaining entity by design. However, organized hunts help source livestock and lend to exploration of the vast wild beyond. While it represents a large regional staging point and headquarters, it requires the extensive supply lines of Iziz City. Noteworthy industries from within the compound are various crafting arts unused in many of the major planets: blacksmithing, fletching, carpentry, and more. There is also a small call for mining, but these resources yield a far greater risk than what is above land.


Extensive. The Gate has a large, growing military industrial complex built into its infrastructure that has only been expanded upon with the recent Sithspawn aggressions. Point-defense weaponry has been appropriated more extensively to provide real defense against a large scale bestial packs, which are routinely serviced on the ramparts and various towers. Also, large amounts of metal, wood, and leather have been hoarded in order to facilitate supplies for the rest of the encampment.


Militant. The Dragon Gate was designed to fill two essential roles: that of a shield and that of a symbol. The garrison was a deliberate attempt by the older establishment to become a regional stronghold after the more frequent crossing of creatures from the Demon Moon Dxun became apparent, but it was also meant to be a place that reflected the steadfastness of the Onderonian people, even in the face of adversity. So great lengths were taken to ensure a sense of imposing strength but also incredible functionality.

It’s position only reinforces both directives, as it was carved directly into the mountain wall. A large imposing wall is the face of the garrison, tiered to allow extensive defensive formations. This wall has become to known as a shield amongst the general population. Not once has a dawning plague of beasts ever been successful in attacking through it, not that the attempts are ever coordinated. The Garrison proper is a traditional, if not extensive layout of yawning walls and series of towers. 


Command centered between the Sphere of Expansion and the Sphere of Military Strategy, in order to construct offensives towards the undomesticated natives on both Onderon and Dxun, and to expand the borders within their reach. The Sith Empire maintains autonomous control of the garrison, while associates of the Black Sun are most welcome to participate in well-documented hunts orchestrated from within the Gate. 




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