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Character Templates and Tutorial (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Ary the Grey

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The Sheet

3. Blank-by-blank Walkthrough

4. IMPORTANT! Completing your Application to the RP



----- 1. Introduction -----


Before you can post in the RP, you must fill out a character sheet and a ship registration (if you would like a ship). Details listed will be available to help inform other players about your character, as well as inform Mods of useful information in the event of a ruling.

To create your character sheet, create a new post in this forum, and title it "____'s Character Sheet," Then follow the instructions for filling out the sheet itself listed below. Please take care to read the ENTIRE thread before Posting.


Rules to consider:

1. Until you have leveled at least one character to Knight rank (or equivalent), you are limited to one character at a time. You may scrap a character and start again, but you may only have one character. This is to help ease newer players into our setting. As such, these characters also may not start with any Force training or functional lightsabers. Lightsabers will be built/repaired* in character during FU training at the Master’s discretion.
*Characters are allowed to start with a nonfunctional lightsaber they got through any number of means, be it an heirloom or they just found it. This is only allowed to serve as a plot device for the character, not a weapon, until a character's Master conducts the lightsaber training.
2. Players who already have a character at Knight rank (or equivalent) or higher may make new characters starting at that equivalent rank. These characters are restricted to generic backstories, i.e. no justification for preexisting exotic powers or abilities. FUs can have a moderate command of the Force appropriate to someone just promoted to said rank. Exotic powers and the like must be trained IC. With Mod approval, when taking over a faction (Sith or Jedi) you may roll a new Master level character. 

3. You may not play a canon character, nor be related to any canon characters. You may not own unique canon items, including but not limited to singularly unique droids from canon and relics from canon characters.
4. Several species are banned from the RP due to incompatibility with the setting or mechanics of the RP. Such species include Celestials, Yuuzhan Vong, Ssi-ruu and others. Check with a Mod to see whether the species you wish to play violates this rule, as new species are added to canon commonly.
5. User accounts are to be for one active PC at a time. Create different user accounts for additional characters.

6. Last, but certainly not least, SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION MATTER.

Remember, your sheet is for everyone else to reference, make sure it looks good! You don't have to use our format, but all fields on our blank example sheet MUST be on your sheet, even if they are only relevant for characters who have been around a while.



----- 2. The Sheet -----





Real Name: x

A.K.A: x

Homeworld: x

Species: x


Physical Description

Age: x

Height: x

Weight: x

Hair: x

Eyes: x

Sex: x



Clothing or Armor: x

Weapon: x

Common Inventory: x


Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: x

Archetype: x

Alignment: x

Current Faction Affiliation: x

Current Faction Rank: x



Force Side: x

Trained by: x

Trained who: x

Known Skills: x


Background: x


Ship Registration

Name: x

Class: x

Model: x

Manufacturer: x


Length: x

Armaments: x

Armor: x

Anti-Personnel Defenses: x

Modifications: x


Appearance: x



----- 3. Blank-by-blank Walkthrough -----




Identity (Basic Info)

Real Name: Your character's Full name

A.K.A: Any aliases you might have, including nicknames, fake ID's, etc (optional)

Homeworld: What Planet your character was born on (optional, but clarify "unknown" if that is the case)

Species: The Star Wars Universe contains innumerable species to explore. If you're using one that may be a little obscure, a link is appreciated by the mods, but not mandatory. If you are not playing a distinctly canon species, you should describe in detail how you wish to present this species. Some species possess game breaking traits and the mods reserve the right to disallow them. Special cases regardless of good intentions are frowned upon.


Physical Description (You should include all information somebody may be able to discern from a glance. Some species have no hair, some are covered head to toe in it. This form doesn't have to be static. Feel free to edit the blanks to better suit your selected species, and provide extra detail where it isn't easily assumed.)








Equipment (Things you use on the battlefield are the ones that mods needs to know the most about. Descriptions are never penalized for brevity, so long as the information is accurate.)

Clothing or Armor: What your character wears most often.

Weapon: The weapons you carry on you.

Common Inventory: Items the character carries most of the time. Most characters like to have a comm, for example.


Faction Information (This section will describe where your loyalties lie, and how high you rank)

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force capable beings with no training and new characters fall into the Force Sensitive category

Archetype: The character's class. For Jedi, there are Consulars, Sentinels, and Guardians. For Sith there are Sorcerers, Assassins, and Warriors.

Alignment: Is the character Good or Evil? Lawful or Chaotic? Perhaps neutral? (optional)

Current Faction Affiliation: New Characters should place the faction they would like to Join in this box.

Current Faction Rank: New Characters should place "Hopeful" in this box


History (Some of the following categories may not apply to you at all. All are optional, but sometimes appreciated. Detail all the following at your leisure. This is also a good place to add any categories you feel are important info about your character.)

Force Side: Light or Dark

Trained by: Mostly applies to Force Users, but is available and Encouraged for Non-Force using talents you may have been tutored in.

Trained who: Ditto^

Known Skills: Anything you would like to make known about your character to help keep other players informed about what you could do for them. Examples might include the ability to build ships, weapons, armor, slice computers, heal wounds, hunt bounties, etc. Listing Force powers, even as their own section, significantly helps the mods get a feel for an FU character's training and focus. This also applies to NFUs and their skill sets.


Background: Stay consistent with the feel of Star Wars, and remember that backgrounds build foundations for characters to do interesting things, rather than backgrounds making characters interesting.


Ship Registration (Ships are useful. Most threads are a planet unto themselves, so you'll need one if you want to go very far. Public transit is available on many worlds in the Star Wars Universe, but won't get you everywhere. )

Name: Your ship's name

Class: Is it a Fighter, Freighter, Shuttle, Yacht, Cruiser, Infiltrator, Interceptor, Bomber, Tanker, Transport, or something else? Use this to indicate what your ship was designed to do best.

Model: The series of ship it is.

Manufacturer: Where was it made.


Length: How big is it?

Armaments: What weapons your ship has.

Armor: All ships have a certain amount of armor to withstand the rigors of space travel. Improved armor can be used to make a ship more resilient to specific hazards.

Anti-Personnel Defenses: What's to stop somebody from stealing your ship?

Modifications: If your ship is canon, and not custom made, you should indicate deviations from the standard design. Also, modifications you've made since its initial creation should be noted in this section.


Appearance: What's does it look like? Any Identifying marks? What color is it? Do you have a picture (optional)?



----- 4. Completing your Application to the RP -----


If you fail to complete this step, you will not be able to post in the RP!

Once you have completed your character sheet, PM a Moderator (or DM them via Discord/mention it in the #mod-approvals-and-rulings channel) to review your character sheet. You may also want to just join the Discord server to reach out to and communicate with your faction as much of the OOC conversation happens there. A moderator will then review your sheet, and if all is in order, you'll be accepted. If this is your first character, a Moderator will need to add you to the proper usergroup, but this is a one-time thing if you choose to link future accounts for ease of posting.


After you're accepted DON'T ABANDON YOUR SHEET! This is not just your ticket into the RP, this is your character's profile. Keeping it updated with current information will help other players interact with you more appropriately. Mods also regularly reference it when something about your character comes into question, so detail and accuracy will help them make a more informed decision. If something major happens, update the sheet!


(Original post by Kakuto Ryu in '09, heavy edits made by handofthrawn and Ary the Grey since)

Immediately reachable by  charlesjhall@gmail.com


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