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A.K.A: HK-78 or HK-77 RIHN

Homeworld: Tatooine

Species: Assassin Droid


Physical Description


Age: Only a few years old since original commission date

Height: 1.8 meter

Weight: Heavy

Chassis: Quadanium steel

Chassis Color: Black Chassis, Red stripes and highlights

Photoreceptors: Reddish-Orange

Sex: Masculine programming

Vocabulator: Hard-angle Coruscanti accent.




Clothing or Armor: Quadanium steel battle armor plating with integrated Short-range thrusters in the boots, magnetizable back plate for additional weapon storage.

Weapon:  Although currently dormant he has access to the following integrated weapon modules when his assassination protocols are activated: Integrated Tri-Shot scatter guns (wrist-mounted), Integrated vibroblade in his left arm, Integrated sonic device in his right arm, a toxic gas dispenser

However, back at his vessel he has the following weapons in his weapons locker: E-11 blaster rifle, DAS-430 Neural Inhibitor, Model MGL-1, and a IQA-11 blaster rifle.

Common Inventory: Internal encrypted comlink, Internal Storage Space with capacity of 1 kilogram for use with his toxic gas dispenser, Function Indicators, Electromagnetic Field Sensor Unit, Heat sensor unit, Power Cells, Translator unit, and Heuristic processor

Back at his ship he has the following items: a utility belt, 7 frag grenades, and 8 concussion discs.

Upgrades: A reverse engineered prototype model based heavily on the original HK-77 series, the HK-77 R.I.H.N model's integrated blaster arms were replaced with more traditional hands, and its head module has been replaced with a more retro 57-series look, while retaining the 77-series' internals and photoreceptors. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, HK-77's standard combat protocols have been erased and replaced with reverse engineered assassination protocols designed to mimic the earlier 47 and 50-series. The second model in the RIHN line was also further modified with different integrated weapon modules to give it further versatility when fulfilling directives.


Faction Information


Non-Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: N/A

Current Faction Rank: N/A



Background: HK-77 R.I.H.N. was the second in a line of prototypes that the former Hutt leader, Rihn, planned on mobilizing to supplement his growing droid army. As such the RIHN model was intended for more delicate reconnaissance-type tasks as opposed to mass production front-line uses. As such, this particular unit was secretly manufactured in the droid factory built at Jabba's Palace in the "Experiement Production Line" wing.

Cold, calculating, and efficient, HK-77 RIHN model was designed to be, in the words of his late master, "a paragon of brutal efficiency." With a strange hard-angled but a cheery quasi-Coruscanti accent, at first glance the droid appear to be nothing more than a sinister-looking protocol droid. In fact, his translator unit only helps it further such a hoax. However, like the HK units that have come before it, this RIHN model was designed to utilize its assassination protocols and Heuristic learn algorithms to maximize its efficiency, whether translating for delegates during peace talks and ruthlessly assassinating force users without remorse. Thanks to the demise of the Hutt as a military faction, the RIHN series remains largely untested and lacks significant debugging. Because of that, certain flaws in the reverse engineer programming were not eliminated including HK's condescending view to all forms of biological life and the use of conditional words to prefix his sentences, typically including dry wit or slights toward one's biological form. Nevertheless, this HK-77 RIHN model, referred to as HK-78 by its designers, boasts a few modifications to its memory core in an attempt to make it "more polite and less genocidal." In fact, despite the droid's ruthless outlook on assassination, this rework of the RIHN series supposedly does not possess any hint of blood-thirst, thus "preventing HK-78 from butchering masses of people in order to reach his target" as long as memory wipes were carried out at regular intervals.  

After his Master's death, this model nicknamed "HK-78" continued its mission to hunt and eliminate force sensitives throughout the galaxy. While it had a decent amount of success over the first few years, HK-78 became increasingly unstable. Such instability was highlighted in it's late mission after the targeted Force User HK was hunting continued to elude its grasp. Leaving its ship behind in a private hanger on Tatooine, the droid was able to sneak its way on board a smuggler's freighter that its target had boarded, posing as a custom-Protocol droid.

However, the detention device that it had rigged to the engines was discovered shortly after the ship had broken Mustafar's atmosphere. In an attempt to complete the elimination, HK-78 used its leftover supply of smuggled explosives to blow a hole in the side of the ship and send itself shooting into the sky before immediately triggering the rigged charges in the engine room. With the ship still in the process of coming in for a landing, the vessel lit up like a fireball before breaking into little pieces. HK-78, on the other hand, managed to crash land in a city area but was badly damaged in the fall.

HK-78 was found by junkers and bought by a local droid dealer name Recan. While he was able to fix his functionality, he was not able to restore some of its higher functioning protocols and the damage to its memory core. HK-78 has been rebuilt and given a memory wipe and then put up for sale. HK-78 has been up for sale for some time now but has the undesirable habit of being insulting to potential buyers. Recan has dropped the price considerably to compensate for the Droid's rudeness (which he can't seem to remove even with the restraining bolt). However, this far he has not met with any success.  

Recan has since given up on selling the droid and instead give him a fancy paint job to further attract customers to his store. The droids unique look and paint job often attracts attention of passer-bys and gets them to take a look inside and HK-78's restraining bolt gives him little choice but to play his part... for now.


NOTE: There are currently TWO known models in existence that are believed to be active. A Dark Chassis model with red "Guts" that refers to itself as RIHN and a Dark Chassis model with Red stripes that refers to itself as HK-78. RIHN is the one in possession of The Huntress while HK-78 begins stranded on Mustafar and out of range of his vessel in addition to suffering from memory processor issues.


Ship Registration

Name: Dead Valar (Formerly named "Wingless Seraph")

Class: Patrol/attack ship

Model: Firespray-class

Manufacturer: Kuat Systems Engineering


Length: 21.5 meters


Armaments: 2 blaster cannons, 1 concussion missile launcher, 2 projectile launchers, 1 minelayer

Armor: Reinforced durasteel

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Vocal and Optical Recognition


Appearance: It has seen better days but full functional

Modifications: None since "acquired"


Jidai Geki said:
Hmm... the possibilities for new atrocities just widened with the advent of a new RP baby...
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