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Universal Force Guidelines

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Universal Force guide


Cardinal Rules

1. Regardless of methods or terminology, all Force Users perform their preternatural abilities by accessing the same universal energy field.

2. Because of this, the same metric for how using a power would strain a Sith or Jedi applies to any other non traditional practitioner.

3. All sentients possess both light and dark as integral parts of their self. No Jedi can be purely light, and no Sith can be purely dark.

4. Using the Dark Side is physically corrupting, and while there are means to conceal or temporarily revert the damage, it gets more difficult and time consuming as players advance. No form of filtering, artifact use, or other surrogate means can circumvent this. The Darkness always gets its due.

5. Using the Light or Dark Side are not interchangeable skills. Regardless of Force Rank, a character’s ability to use the opposing side is non existent until they have trained in it. Academic knowledge is no substitute for hands on training and developing habitual methods to accessing the Force.

6. The Force is a mirror for the physical world (or vice versa depending on who you ask). There are no angels or demons in the Force, and deities are more often than not the attempts of cultures to explain what they lack the scientific or metaphysical knowledge to define, or as embodiments of cultural virtues. If any deities do exist, they act too subtly and in too much of an unknowable manner for anyone to discern their existence, modus operandi, or agenda. With Force users in particular, a great deal of miracles are simply their expectations of the divine subconsciously being willed into reality, making the line impossibly blurry. No player should presume to be able to decide the will of the Force or any divine being, characters can only stumble around blindly hoping they are doing “the right thing”.

7. Using the Force is physically exhausting, and splitting focus to accomplish multiple tasks or affect distant targets makes it exponentially moreso.

8 .There can be Force powers that only you have, but there cannot be unique Force powers that only you can get.

9. An FU turning to the other side should use narrative and “neutral” powers fueled by the opposite side to convey the process. Powers that are definitively Light or Dark should be kept off limits until the culmination of the turn and the following scenes.

10. The RP does not delve into parallel universes or alternate planes of existence.

11. No amount of training or experimentation will allow an FU to ignore ysalamir bubbles.

12. Players are expected to be realistic about what would break their concentration in regards to continuous effects, and if they aren’t, it will be reflected in mod rulings.

13. The Force is not an all purpose extended range radar, nor does it allow Force users to immediately detect other Force users anywhere in the system. Like in the movies, family bonds and close personal relationships can be leveraged to a degree to signal boost detection, but Force users are otherwise limited in detecting each other to local area, and Force users trained in concealing their presence can practically be on top of another Force user before being detected. Detecting ships or bases that are not targeting the Force user is also no longer acceptable in the RP.

14. Similarly, the Force is not a messenger app. Force users with extremely close bonds can send feelings or vague images, but not conversations. Short range telepathy within a thread is an exception to this.


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