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A.K.A: RIHN or HK-RIHN for short

Homeworld: Tatooine

Species: Assassin Droid


Physical Description


Age: Only a few years old since original commission date

Height: 1.8 meter

Weight: Heavy

Chassis: Quadanium steel

Chassis Color: Dark/Black Chassis, Red highlights

Photoreceptors: Reddish-Orange

Sex: Masculine programming

Vocabulator: Hard-angle Coruscanti accent.




Clothing or Armor: Quadanium steel battle armor plating with integrated Short-range thrusters in the boots, magnetizable back plate for additional weapon storage.

Weapon:  E-11s sniper rifle, Integrated Tri-Shot scatter guns (wrist-mounted), Integrated vibroblades, Model MGL-1, Firespray DL-87 stun rifle (that he usually leaves on its ship unless the mission dictates its absolute necessity)

Common Inventory: Internal encrypted comlink, Internal Storage Space with capacity of 1 kilogram, Function Indicators, Electromagnetic Field Sensor Unit, Power Cells, Translator unit, Heuristic processor, 2 Stun grenades, 2 frag grenades, 2 sonic grenades (housed in his internal storage Space).

Upgrades: A reverse engineered prototype model based heavily on the original HK-77 series, the HK-77 R.I.H.N model's integrated blaster arms were replaced with more traditional hands, and its head module has been replaced with a more retro 57-series look, while retaining the 77-series' internals and photoreceptors. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, HK-77's standard combat protocols have been erased and replaced with reverse engineered assassination protocols designed to mimic the earlier 47 and 50-series.


Faction Information


Non-Force User

Alignment: Lawfully Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: N/A

Current Faction Rank: N/A



Background: HK-77 R.I.H.N. was the first in a line of prototypes that the former Hutt leader, Rihn, planned on mobilizing to supplement his growing droid army. As such the RIHN model was intended for more delicate reconnaissance-type tasks as opposed to mass production front-line uses. As such, this particular unit was secretly manufactured in the droid factory built at Jabba's Palace in the "Experiement Production Line" wing. After his Master's death, RIHN was mostly left to his own devices until recently. Cold, calculating, and efficient, RIHN was designed to be, in the words of his late master, "a paragon of brutal efficiency." With a strange hard-angled but a cheery quasi-Coruscanti accent, at first glance the droid appear to be nothing more than a sinister-looking protocol droid. In fact, his translator unit only helps him further such a hoax. However, like the HK units that have come before him, RIHN utilizes his assassination protocols and Heuristic learn algorithms to maximize his efficiency, whether translating for delegates during peace talks and ruthlessly assassinating his targets without remorse. Thanks to the demise of the Hutt as a military faction, the RIHN series remains largely untested and lacks significant debugging. Because of that, certain flaws in the reverse engineer programming were not eliminated including HK's condescending view to all forms of biological life and the use of conditional words to prefix his sentences, typically including dry wit or slights toward one's biological form.

There are currently TWO known models in existence that are believed to be active. A Dark Chassis model with red "Guts" that refers to itself as RIHN and a Dark Chassis model with Red stripes that refers to itself as HK-78. RIHN is the one in possession of The Huntress while HK-78 is stranded off-world and suffering from memory processor issues.


Ship Registration


Name: The Huntress (Rihn's former personal craft)

Class: Freighter

Model: YT-1930

Class: Light freighter

Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation

Appearance: Black


Length: 35 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere): 950 km/h

Hyperdrive rating: Class 1

Backup Class: 10


Armaments:  Medium laser cannon, Twin fire-linked heavy laser cannons, Concussion missile launcher, 

Armor: Military Grade, Shielding

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Escape Craft

Cargo capacity: 200 metric tons

Modifications: Upgraded Military grade Armor, Upgraded Primary and Backup Hyperdrive, Twin fire-linked heavy laser cannons, Concussion missile launcher

Edited by Rihn
Tweaked Visuals and little touch-ups


Jidai Geki said:
Hmm... the possibilities for new atrocities just widened with the advent of a new RP baby...
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