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Fer’drag’onisi a.k.a Drago

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Real Name: Fer’drag’onisi

A.K.A: Drago  

Home world: Csilla

Species: Chiss


Physical Description


Age: 21

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 235

Hair: Raven black with purple highlights

Eyes: Deep maroon

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor:  Modern clothing in shades of gray and maroon.  Armor is light echani armor in a mashup of maroon and black.

Weapon:  Carries a heavy blaster and a vibro sword.  Also known to carry a type of brass knuckles.  Light sabre was added.

Common Inventory: cred sticks, trench coat, back pack, 4 days of rations, basic gloves and traveling clothing, small collection of texts on ciss history and the force. Armor, weapons


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User

-Telekenitic abilities

-light sabre throw

-minor biological enhancement ability for things such as speed, strength and agility.

-no mind control abilities

-focused force strikes (think akin to punching with the force to make more precise strikes)

Alignment: Dark Side

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith

Current Faction Rank: Apprentice




Force Side: Dark

Trained by: Darth Nyrys

Trained who: n/a

Known Skills:  Basic military training, fencing, ship repair and bartering skills.  Chose to leave Chiss to gather information on other cultures that don’t typically interact with his.  Does minor trades with each trip to maintain a moderate level of income. Trading normally in somewhat more exotic and collectable goods as well as carrying passengers from time to time.  Meditates and practices various martial arts picked up on visits to various planets. Most training time spent on echani and thrysian martial arts.


Growing up on Csilla Drago was raised by a military oriented father.  Never knowing his mother who passed giving birth to him, he was simply told she was a very prominent women with limited precognition abilities.  His father made sure to provide him with both a formal education and training in various military tactics, ship repair, economics and literature.  He also received practical education in his planets somewhat isolationist policies and social structure.


Ship Registration

Name: Shadow of Csilla

Class: Freighter


Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation


Length: 18.65 meters long, 28.5 meters wide

Armaments: 2 servo mounted laser cannons

Armor: Shielding rated 248, armored plating

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Crew


Appearance:  The ship is a deep purple color with black highlights.

Modifications:  Small portion of the cargo bay has been converted into a training area, with a separate area set aside for basic workshop.  There is also several specific canisters designated for carrying fragile artifacts and goods.

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