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Eve Ophiuchus

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Real Name: Eve Ophiuchus


Homeworld: Yavin 8

Species: Melodie


Physical Description


Age: 22

Height: 4’11

Weight: 105lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Yellow

Sex: Female




Clothing or Armor: Tribal Clothing

Weapon: N/A

Common Inventory: Lucif (Reel - Companion)


Faction Information


Force Sensitive

Alignment: Chaotic

Current Faction Affiliation:

Current Faction Rank:




Force Side: Dark

Trained by:

Trained who:

Known Skills:


Background: Eve, like most of the Melodie race, was born beneath the Purple Mountains of Yavin 8. But unlike her kin, she held a fondness to see the outside world. It was but a distant dream that she clung to most of her childhood. Yet the harshness of her homeworld seemed like a death sentence to step outside the protective caverns.


One day a stranger crash landed upon her homeworld by chance. And in doing so, threatened the very existence of her people and their way of life. Many died in the onslaught that followed the stranger's fateful crash as the predatory fauna of the planet claimed them in waves. Of the young one's whom still walked upon the land, only she managed to survive as the Elders sought out the safety of the water, leaving Eve to watch in horror and anger as those she cherished were slaughtered.


In a fit of vengence, Eve sought out and managed to find the crashed ship that had opened them to the outside world, and in an act of hatred, slew the humanoid as he laid unconscious. It was here, in the days that followed that she met her unlikely Reel Companion, Lucif.


Injured by an Avril during the stampede of predators that laid waste to the Melodies, the Reel found itself drawn to Eve as a darkness grew within her, and the two grew a symbiotic relationship together, her knowledge of local herbs and fauna healing his wounds and feeding him while Lucif became somewhat a protectorate over the young Eve as the years past.


Finding her alive after her twentieth birthday, the Elder Melodies attempted to sway her to partake in the Changing Ceremony and joining them as an Adult. But angered by their cowardice in refusing to defend the young Melodies during the extermination, she refused in turn. Instead, having spent the years studying the ship and its workings, she had repaired it enough for flight with a singular goal in mind: returning the favor it's former Master had given her people. And in that moment, Eve's path down the Darkside had begun.


Ship Registration


Name: (To be obtained IC)









Anti-Personnel Defenses:





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