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[SITH PYRAMID] Pyramid of Sith Philosophy

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The Pyramid of Laws & Justice serves to maintain peace, order, and not just obedience but absolute adherence to all laws of the Sith Empire for all peoples that fall under the jurisdiction of their power. In that same vein, the Sphere of Sith Philosophy does the same, except their focus is on the plethora of Force wielding organizations and adherents within the Empire. These black robed enforcers are the religious police of the Sith Empire. Any new beliefs that are found or brought within their borders are investigated by these beings. Those that are found to be acceptable are closely monitored, while those that are suspicious are molded to adhere to dark side tenants or snuffed out in entirety.



Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

The Force shall free me.


LEADERSHIP: The Sphere of Sith Philosophy is led by Dark Councilman Darth Gw’rchod, an aged being of Cerean origin morphed and melted by years of dark side torture. A silent skeletal specter of a being who rarely speaks; when he does, however, it is in a chilling low growling undertone that sends shivers up the spines of his followers and his foes. Those who cross Darth Gw’rchod are known to vanish suddenly in the night. Most are never seen again; but those that are found again, are often found chattering twitching wrecks espousing dark side philosophies and little else as they look on in horror at unseen nightmares that plagues their every waking moment.





Real Name: Gethin’pugh

A.K.A: Darth Gw’rchod

Homeworld: Cerea

Species: Cerean


Age: 214

Height: 6’8”

Weight: 154 lbs.

Hair: Black streaked with yellowing stained white

Eyes: Glowing yellow

Sex: Male


Clothing/Armor: Billowing black robe fringed in the tradition Sith red with the Sith emblem emblazoned on the base of the cowl. Beneath this robe, Gethin’pugh wears an intricate set of ancient Sith armor salvaged from the ravaged tomb of a long forgotten Force cult that was the first to fall under his leadership for resisting the ways of the Sith.

Weapon: Gethin’pugh carries a red-bladed lightsaber, the hilt of which is formed from an unidentified greenish metal covered in swirling vortex-like ridges; however, this weapon is more ceremonial than anything as Gethin’pugh prefers to choke the life out of his foes with his bony bare hands or through applications of the force.


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User

Alignment: Lawful Evil ascribing to the tenants of the Sith Code

Faction Affiliation: Empire of The Sith

Rank: NPC Sith Lord of the Pyramid of Sith Philosophy


Force Side: Dark

Trained By: Darth Crito of Alopekk

Trained Who: The Red Knights of Truth

Known Skills: Stava – Martial Arts (Expert)

Pain Based and Sensory Deprivation Interrogation (Master)

Sith Philosophy (Master)

Studying/Research (Master)

Force Powers: Speed (Master)

Shrouding/Invisibility (Master)

Choke (Expert)

Lightning (Expert)

Asphyxiation – removal of air from an area (Master)

Sense (Skilled)

Lie Detection (Skilled)

Light Side Detection (Skilled)



Gethin’pugh was born to Cerean refugees during a lengthy hyperspace trip. His family and fellow refugees were massacred and their ship destroyed in the midst of deep space by Darth Crito of Alopekk who had sensed Gethin’pugh’s birth and had been waiting the arrival of the ship as he manipulated the force to cause the ship to fall out of hyperspace in an empty uncharted system. Gethin’pugh was taken by Crito to be trained up as his apprentice. Under the cold, volatile, unloving watch of Darth Crito, Gethin’pugh was brought up and morphed into a Sithly master of the Dark Side, bent on serving the darkness.

While Gethin’pugh excelled in applications of the darkness in breaking others to his will, he struggled in the traditional combat ways of the Sith. It took years of ongoing training with countless masters to attain any level of combat proficiency, coming to rely on the force to guide his clumsy form. With each failure, Gethin’pugh was punished mercilessly, many times with bouts of force lightning that left him close to death each time. Over time, Gethin’pugh began to fear the punishments of failure greater than the defeat itself. The skin melting body altering dark side powers and the pain and death it inflicted on his flesh and soul left him a shell of the healthy Cerean he once was. In his place, stood a gaunt skeletal being with grotesque sinewy hair held together by the very fear of failure.


Eventually, Gethin’pugh proved his worthiness to the cause of the Sith, taking upon himself the name of Darth Gw’rchod. His fear of failure drove him to succeed. He would reach deeper and fight harder, drawing not upon the fear’s about him, but upon the bottomless yawning pit of his own desecrated soul. As time passed on, Gethin’pugh came to serve none other than the Dark Kingand the Sith itself, but not the Sith as an organization, but the ideology of the Sith as a whole. Soon the name Darth Gw’rchod became synonymous with fear, fear of failing the cause of the Sith and fear of the black robed enforcer Darth Gw’rchod – unholy servant of The Sith Code and The Sith Ideology. Any who dared to potentially cross that what was meant to be the Sith, dared to invite Darth Gw’rchod and his maskless black robed minions of The Red Knights of Truth into their shadowy lives; the short pitiful lives that would be stolen from their very bodies at any moment.




ORGANIZATION: The Pyramid of Sith Philosophy is further divided into three distinct groups, each of which is further divided into sects based in certain locations or diverging but acceptable beliefs that pertained not to Sith Philosophy, but on differing interpretations of Dark Side applications.

- The Red Knights of Truth - Leader: Darth Gw’rchod

o These are militant groups of Sith that have dedicated themselves to the preservation of pure Sith beliefs within the Sith Empire. These are the black clad enforcers of the Pyramid of Sith Philosophy that swoop in to punish and reeducate any who espouse beliefs that conflict with Sith ideologies.

o These are the guardians of Sith Reclamation Camps, ensuring that those that are brought in are purged of their false beliefs or their bodies are purged from this plane and their souls imprisoned for set times (usually measured in eons) until such a time when their souls have been purged of blasphemous ideals.

o Red Knights are well versed in not only lightsaber combat but a variety of forms of combat with varying weaponry and armors. They have dedicated themselves to becoming the living embodiment of The Sith Code in all aspects of their heart, mind, and body.

- The Immortal Shade Brothers - Leader: Aireen

o The brothers are the smallest group of the Pyramid of Sith Philosophy. For each legion of armed and armored Red Knight enforcers and cloister of Sovereign swathed in body wrappings and flowing feature obscuring robes, there are only a select few Immortal Shade Brothers lurking on the fringes of Imperial Space watching, waiting, and seeking.

o The Brothers only take into their ranks those that they seek out and approach. Those who refuse their offers are often never seen from again.

o The Brothers are dedicated to lurking in the shadows, standing in plain sight unknown to anyone else but their immediate superiors. Often they are attached to military groups, raiding parties, exploration teams, and non-Sith familiar groups within the Empire. As the Sith Empire expands, The Immortal Shade subtly monitors any newly discovered people groups or religions for signs of anti-Sith ideals. If found, they work to try and subtly or forcefully bring the people into order with the ways of the Sith. If they succeed, they will continue to monitor them, often from afar. If they cannot, they ensure that those who have been corrupted are destroyed and the still innocent and malleable are sent back to Sith strongholds for indoctrination in Sith philosophies and ideals.

- The Sovereign - Leader: Darth Cybotulis

o These Sith Lords, Masters, and Apprentices devout much of their time to studying the ways of the Sith. These beings spend much of their lives in monk like solitude, meditating on the ways of the Dark Side and in that darkness seeking to find any signs of the light that may be seeking to infiltrate the Sith Empire.

o These brotherhoods reside in monasteries spread across Sith territory and enclaves beyond in the Great Unknown. From there they remotely monitor the training of Sith apprentices ensuring that all current dark lords and masters teach their apprentices in the correct ways of the Sith.

§ “Ours is not to judge the method, but to evaluate the results. Sith are born and molded through a variety of pains. It is only when slivers of the light are let into the blackness that corruption is found.” - Darth Crito of Alopekk

o Any who wish to join The Sovereign must give up any commitments they have to the material plane, dedicating themselves entirely to the acquisition of absolute freedom through the force,

§ First for themselves

§ Second for their brothers

§ Third for their fellow Sith

§ Fourth for those who reside within the Sith Empire

§ Fifth for the galaxy at large



- Guild of Sith Tattooists

o This council of Sith followers have dedicated much of their lives to the development, advancement, and perfection of the ancient practice of Sith tattooing. Unlike standard tattooing around the universe, the application of Sith tattoos has changed very little over the millenia.

o The guild is responsible for the oversight of anyone administering Sith tattoos. While one does not need to be a member to administer tattoos, they must find that their application process adheres to the highest of ancient standards or suffer the consequences. For the unfortunate soul who receives blasphemous Sith tattoos the removal process is equally as painful as application if not more lethal.


ACCEPTABLE SITH-ALTERNATIVE BELIEFS: The Sphere realizes that The Sith Code and Sith Beliefs, while the perfection of Dark Side embodiment are not the only beliefs that espouse the truth; however, the Sith Philosophy is known to be the truest, and any that question this are punished, quickly, violently, and often permanently.


Some of the known acceptable alternative force beliefs in the Sith Empire are as follows:

Nightsisters, Nightbrothers, Church of The Dark Side, Blackguards, Acolytes of The Beyond



“For claiming to follow a code of nonviolence, the Jedi sure do train a lot of soldiers”

-Unidentified Civilian Under Jedi Occupation

- The Desecration of Kuat Drive Yards


Unlawful Wanton Destruction Or Appropriation Of Property

Directing Attacks Against Civilians

Directing Attacks Against Peacekeepers

Willful Killing, Or Causing Great Suffering Or Serious Injury To Body Or Health

o The destruction of entire orbital space stations and all of the lives destroyed within, including medical personnel, civilians, juvenile training cadets, scientists, and engineers in an effort to hamper what they deemed to be a military threat.

o The fallout of orbital devastation and destruction rained down on the peaceful citizens, military, civilian, domestic, and foreign alike, causing massive amounts of irrefutable damage and loss of life on the planet of Kuat.


- The Child-Massacre of Kamino


Willful Killing, Or Causing Great Suffering Or Serious Injury To Body Or Health

Torture Or Inhumane Treatment

Directing Attacks Against Civilians

Firing Upon Clearly Identified Medical Personnel

Summary Execution

o The complete destruction of cloning facilities including viable sentient life forms and life forms still growing in a pre-birth state.

§ This accounted for the immeasurable losses of lives belonging to beings that had perpetuated no wrongs, but offended the Jedi by their very existence.


- The Defilement of Dxun


- Unlawful Wanton Destruction Or Appropriation Of Property

o During the unprovoked military siege of Onderon by military forces of the Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance, numerous Jedi craft intentionally and wantonly fired upon the planet’s moon, Dxun, knowing full well that the moon contained numerous ancient relics and sites of historical and archeological significance to the cultures of the galaxy

§ This attack also led to the devastation of unique wildlife native only to Dxun and Onderon.


- Jedi Recruitment Techniques


Taking Hostages

Using Child Soldiers

Forcing Prisoners Of War To Serve Under A Hostile Power

Using Civilians As Shields

Misusing A Flag Of Truce

Deportation Of Habitants Of An Occupied Territory

o Jedi recruitment has traditionally been to visit the homes of poor, in-need families on both Alliance occupied worlds and worlds where the local established governance is hostile to the Jedi with armed military personnel. Under the guise of a better life for a family’s child, the Jedi would be honeyed words of falsehood and when that did not work threats of Sith bogeymen and other veiled threats of atrocity force the parents to give up their natural rights to their infant so that the child may be whisked off to places unknown where they would be trained to suppress all emotion, indoctrinated into the ways of the Jedi forsaking all other ideologies and beliefs and the chance to choose a path of their own, and heavily educated in the skills of hand-to-hand combat and war.

o While recruiting, should their ploy be discovered, Jedi are known to attack lawfully established police personnel serving in their lawful capacity and should that not work, they force the very parents of the child they are seeking to kidnap to hide them, lie for them, and to commit other crimes against their designated rightful ruling state.

o Once children are indoctrinated to the ways of the Jedi, they are forced onto some of the fiercest front lines of Alliance and Jedi conflicts. Some are even paired with more advanced Jedi commandos and sent deep into enemy territory in an effort to subvert and massacre local populations.


- The Garn Cleansing


Directing Attacks Against Civilians

Willful Killing, Or Causing Great Suffering Or Serious Injury To Body Or Health

Unlawful Wanton Destruction Or Appropriation Of Property

Using Poison Weapons

Using Child Soldiers

Torture, Or Inhumane Treatment[/i]

o During the Pious Dei Crusades, the Jedi Order betrayed their government and sought to bring about a military coupe.

o The Jedi that chose to remain loyal to the Galactic Republic established a new Jedi base of operations on the planet Garn. When the rogue Jedi discovered this the sought out the planet and summarily destroyed any and all life on the planet in an effort to establish the façade of a unified Jedi rebellion against the established government of the day

o It is known that upon the planet Garn, there were not only Jedi, but established medical personnel and indigenous peoples. All of these were wiped out without thought or cause.

- Other crimes and disdainful actions and ideologies for which the Jedi are known for:


o Assassination

o Warmongering

o War Profiteering

o Electioneering

o Overthrow of established governments

o Ethnic cleansing on religious grounds

o Absolute destruction of indefinite immense troves of knowledge

o Theft

o Kidnapping

o Torture

o Terrorism

o Deprivation of free will

o Con games

o Trespass

o Treason

o Espionage

o Defilement of sacred locations

o Murder

o Obstruction of justice

o Destruction of hyperspace maps




- RECLAMATION CAMPS: By far the second most prevalent and leading contributor to the most prevalent of enforcement options for the commission of unrepentant acts against The Code of The Sith, reclamation camps are rarely spoken about. When they are, it is in hushed tones with furtive glances to make sure one is not overheard. Reclamation camps have been established throughout the Sith Empire, most often in the most hostile and unpopulated places. These places of despair are where those who commit offenses against the Sith Code are whisked away to without trial or a chance to say goodbye. Often those that end up here are taken in the middle of the night from their beds or from the street corners where they may be found walking. These camps are swift constructions of portable torture devices and forced labor camps where those that have offended The Code of The Sith or have been accused of doing so spend the remainder of their short lives living in a constant state of fear and pain. They are told that through their pain and seemingly endless turmoil they may find redemption in the eyes of the Dark King and the Dark Side. Those few that do survive their lengthy sentences are returned to Sith society; but they are forever changed. Gaunt bodies, lifeless eyes, and a crushed soul that cannot even speak about what happened to them without falling upon themselves in a ravishing attack of self-destruction. These camps are shared with the Spheres of Mysteries and of Laws & Justice. Those who find themselves sent to one of these camps where the official mantra is “Through Labor We Seek To Reclaim Our Soul,” by the forces of the Sphere of Sith Philosophy carry with them a brand of a crude foot crushing the ancient Jedi symbol beneath it emblazoned on their cheek. This way, the wardens and guards know what it is that the prisoner is there for and for those who survive, they are known by society for their sin.

- EXTERMINATION: Any group that is found to be unrepentant or deemed to have strayed too far from the tenants of the Sith Code so as to be otherwise unreclaimable will be put to the sword by the forces of the Sith, be it by blade, lightsaber, or subtler or more drastic measures. Any pockets of sentiments that will not be rooted out will be burned away where they stand. For those who seek to harbor they that deign to resist the ways of truth will, along with their families and people, face the same punishments. Only by repentance and absolution can sinners and their kin hope to avoid this fate. As such, many offers are made at the temples of the Sith in an effort to ward away the ever watching eyes of the Sphere, should they otherwise find one or one’s associates guilty of sinning against the Code of The Sith.

- EXILE: A punishment as old as the true Sith and their society, exile is a formidable punishment by which one is stripped of all their worldly possessions save for a few meager belongings, sometimes one is even stripped of their connection to the force itself, and cast out of Sith society and territories. There they will wander for a set time until it has been deemed that they have made recompense for their missteps; though they will only return to the lowest of the low castes of Sith society. Otherwise will be condemned to a life of wandering outside the borders of civilized land with only their thoughts to guide them as they live out their lifelong punishment. Should an exiled Sith ever be found by servants of the Sith or within the ever expanding bounds of the Sith Empire, they will be taken along with any who may be harboring them, and executed in the most unspeakable ways imaginable. All who are forced into a life of exile are branded with a hideous Sith tattoo across their face to serve as a reminder to any that should encounter them that the being is condemned and cursed to a life of endless wandering and poverty.

- GUIDANCE: For the least offensive and minor breaches of Sith philosophy or by those deemed truly repentant for their sins, when they are not repeat offenders, sometimes these and cast out of otherwise loyal servants are the Sith are offered intense physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance at the hands of a shrouded member of the Sphere. Upon completion of this guidance, the sinner is re-appointed to their proper place within Sith society; after, of course, they have paid alms and absolutions for their repentance and guidance.

- REPORTING: Servants of Sith Philosophies sometimes discover that the violations of Sith Philosophy sometimes violate other laws and tenants of the Sith Empire. When it does, if the violations of the Sith Philosophy are punishable in such a way that is lesser than the punishments the sinner would receive for legal violations, the Pyramid will turn the perpetrator over to the appropriate authorities for proper due process.









Real name: Aireen -No Known Last name

Aliases: The Prime Agent, Oiaoloo’savali’saoloto

Homeworld: Onderon

Species: Human

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 105 lbs

Skin: white

Eyes: burnt red/brown

Sex Female



Clothing/Armor: Zephyr Stealth Suit when on operations. Otherwise, she wears a loose fitting set of cargo pants, a mechanics vest, and a bandana

Weapon: Duel Thigh holstered DL-18 blasters, each with a vibroblade tucked behind the holster.


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non Force User

Alignment: Lawful Good

Faction Affiliation: Empire of The Sith

Rank: NPC Leader of The Immortal Shade Brothers


Trained By: Self-taught

Trained Who: *CLASSIFIED*

Known Skills:

Frontier Survival (Expert)

Tracking (Master)

Bounty Hunting (Expert)

Hand-to-hand combat (Expert)

Sidearm marksmanship/gunslinging (Master)

Cultural Adaptation (Proficient)

Linguistics (Master)



Aireen is the leader of The Immortal Shade Brothers, a group of elite servants of the Sith Empire dedicated to maintaining loyalty amongst the ranks of The Sith and exploring the primitive and newly acquired people’s of the Empire. Until recently, however, she did not hold this awesome title and the power that came with it. For most of her life, Aireen acted as a gun-for-hire freelance bounty hunter more often than not in the employ of various Sith Lords or the Sith Empire itself tracking down fugitives that were beyond the reach of the Sith Lords due to proprietary or the reaches of outside legal systems. Even without a connection to the force, her abilities to blend in with local cultures and adapt to their ways, allowed her to time and time again take her targets by surprise bringing them in either dead or alive.


Growing up, Aireen lived in a life of poverty. Her father had vanished when she was young, so Aireen took to the streets. Instead of joining the other young girls in selling their very innocence, Aileen took it upon herself to put down any that would dare to try and lay their hands, or anything else, on her or anyone she cared about. Over time, her reputation as a brutal survivor grew in the Onderonian underworld to the point that she could wander relatively freely within the dregs of society or the wilds where the beast riders roamed. There, she was called Oiaoloo’savali’saoloto or She Who Walks Freely, for her fearless nature. Eventually her work planetside allowed her to accumulate enough money to purchase her way offworld where she put her skills to work on the frontiers of the Sith Empire and beyond. Wherever Aireen went, she sought to better the cause of the lowest of the low, those who were oppressed without cause. In that, she found no better guidance than the very code of The Sith. True, she did not possess the magic that many of the Sith wizards and witches had; but she still lived her life in accordance with their guidelines. In that dedication, she became as powerful and free as those shackled by the force. As she moved onwards, punishing those who violated the code, she instilled the code in those who would listen in an effort to bring them into the freedom that she had found.

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