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Lord Ar-Pharazon

Are Blogs a Dying Art?

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I was kind of thinking about starting a blog about video games, gaming, and other geeky things. I've been doing some research on it, and am feeling really 50/50 about the idea. I have no artistic ability and have some ideas for a logo, but am not sure how to get one made or designed so it doesn't look childish. I have no idea which sort of software/interface I need.


So much work...


However, I am wondering if I am 8 or 10 years too late. Still, if it's something that I am proud of, I don't necessarily need it to be a popular enterprise.


Has anyone ever tried it? Did I get the bug to do a blog a decade too late?


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First off, welcome back. =P


Secondly, blogs are more these days about capitalizing on SEO and marketing. Successful bloggers that get to live off their efforts are honestly more like celebrities in that they're right place, right time. If you're going to do it today, definitely do it as a hobby until you gain a large following, THEN go serious into it. Plunging into it straight away is a gamble you're likely to lose, as it's mostly based off of how much of a crowd you can gather, which is usually bottlenecked in search algorithms anyways on platforms like YouTube or Twitch.

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